Miniatures and Collectibles
Your guide to little treasures people love to collect! 

Over the last several decades, miniatures and other collectibles have become more popular than ever before. People with large and interesting collections are getting more attention in the media, sparking the interest of a new generation of enthusiasts and breathing new life into one of the most popular hobbies of all time, collecting.

Thanks to the Internet, it has become easier than ever for collectors to find a wide range of information on miniatures and collectables of their specific interest.  Be it figurines, stamps, coins, dolls and dollhouse miniatures or other items, there are endless resources available at the touch of a button.  Fellow enthusiasts, rare finds, and the final piece in your collection are only a click away.

However, as you may have noticed already, sometimes having too much information available can be a little overwhelming, and sifting through all of the collecting internet sites can get frustrating.

With this in mind, we created Miniatures & Collectibles. In the course of building our own collections, we have gathered a wealth of information and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you!

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So by now you must be wondering what kinds of miniatures and collect-able items we will be discussing on this site... here are just a few:

Collectible Dolls

One of the reasons dolls are so popular is their unmatched ability to bring back wonderful memories of childhood and the simpler days. Almost everyone can remember at least one beloved doll from their younger years, even if it was one they couldn't have at the time for one reason or another. Our Dolls section includes information on some of the most popular collectible doll brands of all time, as well as dollhouse miniatures, cloth dolls and baby dolls.

Barbie Doll Scarlet O' HaraBarbie Doll Scarlet O' Hara

Collectible Toys and Games

Action Figure GandalfAction Figure Gandalf

Our toys & games section includes all of the popular playthings from the past several decades, including action figures, marbles, toy soldiers, model cars and more. Many of these items have increased significantly in value over the years...some of the rarer pieces can be worth a small fortune.

Collectible Figurines

Maybe the number one reason figurines have always been a favorite among collectors is the sentiments of joy, warmth and happiness it brings having these miniature pieces of incredible art lying around, decorating your home or work surroundings. The amazing beauty of some of the most popular lines of figurines can easily take your breath away and capture your heart forever. They are a manifestation of the sweetest and most fragile spot in every single one of us.

Hummel FigurineHummel Figurine

Food and Drink Collectibles

Owl teapotOwl teapot

The Food and Drink section of our website hosts items that could at one time or another have been found in the most popular part of any house: the kitchen and dining room. Teapots, cookie jars, beer steins, chocolate Kinder eggs and Coca Cola are some of the items currently resting on our kitchen shelves! And we hope to grow this section soon!

Small and Miscellaneous Items

All of the items that don't quite fall into any of the general categories we feature, or that we can't quite place into any (!), can be found here. Artis Orbis by Goebel, Fenton Glass, Christopher Radko ornaments, Blue Sky Clayworks, Music Boxes, buttons and antique thimbles, ...brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of our favorite things!

Blue Sky Clayworks t-liteBlue Sky Clayworks t-lite

Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting GuideStamp Collecting Guide

Despite what some people might think, stamp collecting is not just your Grandpa's hobby. Imagine being able to see the culture and heritage of another country from the comfort of your own home, or learning new and interesting facts about your own country's history simply by opening an envelope. For millions of people, that is the thrill of stamp collection!

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is a wonderful way to trace the heritage of our country, as well as learn about the history of other countries through the design of their money. Because coin collecting can get expensive quickly, most collectors choose to limit their collections to one particular era in history or a certain type of coin.

Coin Collecting GuideCoin Collecting Guide

As you can see, the world of collector's items and miniatures is as wide and varied as the people who make up its population. Our goal is to share this exciting world with you and all the other folks out there who are just as passionate about their collections as we are.

In addition to the categories we have listed above, we plan to introduce new topics and more in-depth articles all the time. Besides the usual stuff, we hope to have information on all kinds of new and different things, and maybe even spark your interest in a new collection or two. 

Not only will you find information about the different kinds of collectibles here, you'll also find out how people get started collecting, the supplies you need for basic, intermediate and advanced collecting, techniques to protect your prized collection and even resources and some of the best places to shop for supplies and possibly find the last piece to complete your collection! 

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Before you start looking around at what we have to offer, be sure to bookmark our page and check back often!

Happy collecting!

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