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About Face Designs are the imaginative and high-quality collectible products of a company that prides itself on being original, creative, and sentimental! 

The variety of their products is so wide that’s it’s difficult to describe them in few words, but one thing can be said —they have an immediate emotional appeal that makes them great collectibles or gifts for cherished friends and loved ones.

Take the “Messengers Glass” collectibles, for example. Delicate little figurines and keepsakes made of clear glass and trimmed with gold, they come packaged in their own individual silk box for safekeeping. These designs appeal to those with special interests or to buyers who have a special message to convey.

The avid golfer will love the glass golf ball on a gold golf tee in a green silk box. Nature lovers might enjoy a glass frog, turtle, dolphin or butterfly, each trimmed with gold —there are lots of Messengers animals. The angel collector will love the guardian angel, with her gold halo and wing tips.

The Pennies From Heaven angel banks are another popular line of About Face Designs. These themed angels help you save for a special occasion by keeping your coins safe in a voluminous skirt. Each angel protectively hugs a wide cork lid at the top of her skirt. Collectors might have a whole chorus of angel banks for different occasions. 

The “Bingo Bucks” angel bank has bingo cards painted on her broad wings and bills painted on her skirt; the “Christmas Gift” design sports snowflakes and hearts on her wings and toys on her skirt. There are collectibles banks for babysitting money, allowance, tips, and a range of other savings themes—whatever you’re saving for, there’s sure to be one for you.

About Face Designs' company

The company that markets About Face items was started by Bob Ricciardi in 1998. Ricciardi saw that consumers were looking for appealing sentimental collectibles and gifts at reasonable prices and he aimed to fill that niche. Focusing on quality and value, he looked for creative and original products to offer to collectors. Now, with over 800 products in his About Face designs, he’s proven that he can provide what collectors want—and his products are available not only in stores and in catalogs, but also on the internet.

Where to find

The internet is the best place to investigate the wide rage of About Face Designs. Browse the Messengers Glass line—there are so many that you are almost sure to find one in an appropriate theme for your wish list. Check into the many plaques with lovely messages for every occasion, some of which have a place beside the message for you to add a special photograph. There’s a menagerie of brightly colored glass animals, a whole line of themed angels for weddings, births, birthdays or any other occasion, and a series of framed sentiments for new parents.

You’ll be amazed at the low prices of About Face collectibles too. Virtually all are under $20 US and many are under $15. Most of the popular Messenger Glass designs are about $11 or $12, while Pennies From Heaven Angel Banks sell for between $12 and $13. Some internet retailers offer free shipping with a minimum order and some offer rewards for repeat customers as well. 

Best of all, they allow you to explore the huge range of About Face designs without having to spend time in stores or wait for catalogs to arrive in the mail. There’s nothing more fun or convenient than internet shopping and no collectibles line better suited to the internet venue.

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