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I don't do anything – much. Oh, please don't think I sit around doing nothing! My glass collection takes up a good deal of time. Glass is something you have to take good care of.

Tennessee Williams - “The Glass Menagerie”

Dear friend,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our site.

Miniatures-and-collectibles.com was created by a group of people sharing a common passion: a passion for collecting.

Our goal and aspiration is to create a “home” for this passion on the internet, a “collector's window to the world”, so that we can share with the millions of people around the globe the knowledge, experience and information we have gathered over the years, and most of all the thrill and satisfaction the hobby of collecting has filled our lives with.

We hope you will find here your “home” too. We heartily welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas with the absolute confidence that everyone sharing the same passion with us can make a unique contribution to the accomplishment of this collectors’ paradise on the web!

Thank you and Enjoy!

A Special Note:

As simple as it seems, being able to make our way into this incredible wealth of information from the comfort of our home, at the plain click of a mouse, is a true accomplishment, that requires maximum expertise, effort, patience and dedication.

Miniatures-and-collectibles.com owes all of that to our Webmaster David Bloom. A super special thanks to David for making this website a reality.

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