African American Angel Figurines

African American angel figurines are among the most sought after of cherished angel collectibles, so it’s no surprise that almost every African American collectible line includes an angel or two. 

This makes searching for your perfect angel interesting and fun! Think about what you want – is it an elegant graceful angel, an angel wrapped in flowing billowing Victorian robes, a frilly angel, or perhaps a stern sentinel angel, summoning God’s forces to battle evil. Whatever your vision, you’ll likely find it if you look.

An angel from the LittleAfrica line is certain to be covered in voluminous robes, so that only the head, and sometimes the hands, can be seen. The variety however, makes it possible to imagine a collection of several of these beautiful angels. 

“Asha,” (meaning life) is robed in copper and gold satin with an elegant turban, lacey white wings, and a scepter. The 16 inch “Hattie Angel,” another of the LittleAfrica angel figurines, is dressed in gold brocade and rippling ribbons with feathery wings and black curly hair.

If you’re looking for the sentinel African American guardian angel, with all of God’s power at his command, you’ll find him in Thomas Blackshear’s Ebony Visions collection. “The Sentinel” stands on an outcrop of rock dressed in white robes with a razor sharp spear in his hand. Generously adorned with gold trimmings and jewelry, he is at once African and Godly.

His wings are held precisely behind him, and he regards the scene before him with a serious but serene expression. This African American angel can protect you from anything. One of the few figurines in the Blackshear figurine line, he definitely stands out from the rest.

Then there are the Willow Tree angels by designed by Susan Lordi. A beautiful line of willowy spiritual and inspiring angels, they include African American angel designs that are a pleasure to behold. The Willow Tree “Angel of the Spirit” piece depicts a praying angel in a cream colored gown with the signature wire loop wings so typical of Willow Tree angels.

Of all the African American angel figurines, this is surely one of the most collectible – artistic and very reasonably priced. It would make a tasteful African American guardian angel for your mantel or nightstand.

Willow Tree African American angel figurines are among the most affordable of this type of collectible—“Angel of the Spirit” sells for about $11 at most internet retail sites. LittleAfrica Angels are surprisingly inexpensive as well—just $35 for 12 inch angels and $45 for 16 inch angels. Thomas Blackshear’s “The Sentinel” African American guardian angel retails for about $180—the quality of this fine piece speaks for itself. It’s clear that whatever your budget, there’s an African American angel that’s right for you.

Here we can only describe a few of the African American angel designs. To learn about all the different designs and collections available, simply shop for angels on the internet. You’ll see that many different lines include an African American guardian angel or even a whole group of them.

The popularity of collectible angel figurines ensures that you will find lots of internet sites to browse – most have easy payment methods and will ship your purchase to you, should you come across something you just have to have among the African American angel figurines. And while you’re waiting for your purchase to arrive, may the angels watch over you.

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