African American Figurines

African American figurines and other collectibles, once a rare item in any shop, have blossomed into a wide variety of products celebrating the rich history and heritage of the African American people. 

The growing success of this type of collectible speaks eloquently not only of the demand among collectors, but also of the pride that African Americans take in their unique cultural traditions. Take a few moments to acquaint yourself with some of the leading collections and most gifted artists in this genre.

Cidne Wallace and a Good Sistah

Cidne Wallace is the creator of “You Can’t Keep a Good Sistah Down” a collectible figurine depicting a woman of color on a mission. In a long dress and wide brimmed hat, she is beautiful and full of energy. The breeze she creates as she’s getting things done has her sash flittering out behind her, along with the banner that proclaims the message she brings. 

She is just one of a collection of figurines by Cidne Wallace, with characters ranging from a “Young, Gifted and Black” female scholar to a beautiful angel advising you to “Watch, Fight, and Pray”.

Annie Lee - Sass n' Class

Sass n’ Class is another line of African American figurines. Designed by Annie Lee, they are depictions of scenes and characters from everyday African American life. “ALE Fifth Grade Substitute” depicts a harried substitute teacher after a hard day in class. In contrast, “Boston Time”, a group African American collectible figurine is a scene of merriment: four women dressed in bright colors are gathered around a table with a single man, in animated conversation. Other pieces by Annie Lee depict a wide variety of themes sure to appeal to many collectors.

Thomas Blackshear - Ebony visions

At the top of the African American figurines line are Thomas Blackshear collectibles: Ebony Visions. This collection is well named: Thomas Blackshear designs evocative, detailed pieces with obvious quality. For example, the “Commitment” piece shows a couple at their wedding. Dressed in beautiful traditional clothing and gazing at one another on a circular stand, they embody the dream of the perfect African American wedding. “Evening Rose,” another elegant piece, showcases a beautiful woman in a black evening gown with a single red rose held behind her back.

These are just a few of the artists and pieces available to collectors. Whether you’re shopping for your own collection or looking for a gift for a special occasion, you’ll find a product that meets your needs. Just browse the internet for the perfect African American collectible figurine. Many internet sites carry them and shopping is easy with a credit card—just make your purchase and then sit back or browse some more while the merchant ships it to you. 

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