Artis Orbis by Goebel

Artis Orbis. It sounds classy and it is. Its name means "artists of the world," and this collection showcases the work of famous artists – works of the masters and of more recent acclaimed artists beautifully displayed on decorative objects for the home.

Imagine Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” on a vase or decorative plate, or Jan Vermeer’s “Girl With Pearl Earring” on the lid of an elegant porcelain box. Rosina Wachtmeister, creator of many elegant cats is there too, in music boxes and other imaginative pieces.

This extraordinary collection by Goebel was started in Europe in 1996 and was hugely successful there. Recently the products have become available in North America and collectors there are noticing them. No wonder: these are not low end collectibles—they are finely crafted porcelain and glass pieces that are, in themselves, works of art. The owner of one of these pieces knows that their collectible piece had the individual attention of one or several Goebel artists during production.

For each featured artist in the collection, artists study the original work and decide what style of decorative piece would best suit the mood of the work. Would it be best displayed on glass or porcelain? Would the shape of a vase set it off, or would it be better as a music box. Oskar Koller’s Watercolor Flowers are brilliantly displayed on Artis Orbis clear glass bowls, vases, and glasses, while Rosina Wachtmeister’s cats have vibrant character and color as music boxes, figurines, plates and candles.

Once the form is decided, the hard work of accurate reproduction must begin to create a valuable collectible piece. Digital copies of original works are manipulated and printed onto decals so that they will conform to the shapes they will be displayed on without losing too much detail in firing. Decals are applied to porcelain by hand before firing, sometimes several separate decals per piece, and other details like gold accents are applied by hand after firing is complete. Each piece also bears a copy of the original artist’s signature.

The works of more than a dozen world-famous artists have already been showcased on Artis Orbis pieces. Claude, Monet, Edgar Degas and Leonardo da Vinci are all there, as are more recent artists like Tamara de Lampicka and Alphonse Mucha. Though they may be difficult to find in your local boutiques and shops, a number of internet retailers are carrying at least some of the featured artist pieces and, of course, internet surfing makes browsing and dreaming so much easier

Check on internet sites to see if Artis Orbis by Goebel has showcased any of your favorite artists and how they have chosen to display your favorite works on decorative pieces that you can purchase. Perhaps you’ve always loved “Dance in the City” by Renoir. Now you can have your own beautifully rendered copy on a plate, vase, bowl, or oval porcelain box.

As you can imagine, most Artis Orbis by Goebel collectibles are not for the very low budget – these are true quality pieces that have been painstakingly designed and produced to provide you with a tasteful decorative accent for your home. Even so, they are very reasonably priced. Expect to pay $40 and up for most vases and boxes, with some larger pieces costing $150 or more. Although the small 4 inch plates are often priced low at $15, splurge and buy several, or choose a larger piece that will really stand out and complement your décor. You’ll be glad you did when you see it beautifully displayed among your other home decorations.

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