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Avon collectibles have become some of the most popular and diverse collector's items of all time. From perfume bottles and figurines to plates and mugs, the company offers something for just about every collector.

The Avon Novelty Bottles

The best known of these items are the novelty bottles that were first introduced in the late 1960's, often filled with aftershave, perfume or lotion. Modeled in every possible shape from cats to old-fashioned pipes, Avon bottles have always been extremely popular with more than just Avon customers.

Collectors' interest in these bottles is often sparked when they are found in a relative's closet or attic, and the fascination often lasts a lifetime. Some bottles were created in a sort of series, with a new design containing the same familiar fragrance every year. As a result, women who enjoyed a particular scent ended up with a whole collection of different designs without even trying.

Caring for Avon Collectible Bottles

Avon Collectible BottleAvon Collectible Bottle

Not much care is needed, since most of the Avon bottles and jars were made to last through the years. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or can of compressed air is usually sufficient for the plain glass bottles or ones that are coated with plastic. Porcelain jars or glass with a colored finish (color ON the glass rather than IN it) should be dusted only.

Leaving your bottle's contents intact is fine if you're planning on adding it to your collection only, but if you're planning on selling or trading one of your Avon bottles you're going to want to make sure that it is empty of all liquid and cleaned thoroughly. It is also very helpful to save all of your original packaging if you have it, since an Avon bottle in its original box is worth more than the bottle alone.

Finding Avon bottles

Avon is still coming out with new collectible bottles, so the best source for the latest designs is the Avon catalogue itself. Once they have been discontinued, though, it may be a bit harder to find them if you aren't willing to spend some time looking. Some online stores specialize in Avon collectible pieces of all kinds, even early porcelain containers from the first Avon lines and ornaments. Online auctions can also be a great place to pick up these pieces at good prices, as the majority of sellers may not realize exactly what a certain bottle is worth.

One of the best sources for Avon collectible bottles, however, is estate sales. In past years, women turned to Avon for quality beauty products delivered right to their door and many felt that the bottles, jars and even boxes were too pretty to just throw away.

Avon Figurines and Plates

Avon FigurineAvon Figurine

But novelty bottles aren't the only Avon collectibles out there, as many collectors have discovered to their delight. Avon also produced crystal and glass dinnerware sets and numerous lines of signature figurines. These other types of collectibles actually go as far back as the late 1800's, reflecting the thoughts and values of the time in unique ways. For example, a series of Avon American Fashion thimbles featured the upper body of women in the fashionable clothing of that particular year.

The one particular type of Avon collectibles that is almost as wide and varied as the myriad types of perfume bottles are the plates.

There are actually several different series of plates to choose from within the Avon line, though most plate collectors prefer to get all of them as they are released. There are Christmas plates, Mother's Day plates (one of the most popular), and "award" plates that were created for special anniversaries or celebrations such as the American Bicentennial.

Avon PlateAvon Plate

Avon Mugs and Steins

Avon SteinAvon Stein

Also popular are the mugs and steins that were introduced in the 1970's and are still being issued today. These steins, rarely used for drinking, are quite large and usually ornately carved with a central illustration. Most are ceramic or metal, but over the years there have been variations for special occasions, such as the glass tankard series which featured finely etched glass with a heavy pewter lid. For those collectors and fans on a tighter budget, however, Avon also introduced a line of miniature steins that retained all of the quality and detail of their larger counterparts for a lower price.

The care and storage of these different collectibles varies according to what they are made of, so it's best to consult a fellow collector who is in the know about which cleaners are best. Often, Avon collectibles come with paperwork or a pamphlet describing the series which will usually have some cleaning tips and advice listed.

Avon Collectors' Resources

Avon Collectors GuideAvon Collectors Guide

With all of these wonderful Avon items available, it's no surprise that there is a National Association of Avon Collectors (N.A.A.C) that exists to further the hobby and bring collectors together from all over the country. There are regional and local chapters for collectors to meet others interested in Avon collectibles, and the National Association does not charge dues.

If you're looking to get started with Avon pieces, your best bet is to request a copy of the latest Avon catalog or visit their website to see the latest releases and get an idea of how much you are going to be spending. There are many books available to help you along your journey as well, such as price guides and photo galleries of favorite Avon collectibles.

One thing Avon collectors pride themselves on is friendliness, so don't be afraid to ask for advice. You might find a new friend as well as the collectible of your dreams!

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