Blue Sky Clayworks

All the colorful admirable pieces of Blue Sky Clayworks are the work of the talented Heather Goldminc, a Canadian artist who has worked to capture the charm of modeling clay creations in tasteful glazed collectible art for the home.

Blue Sky ceramics include a wide range of home accents. There are whole villages based on a theme: visit Croakers Pond if you’re fond of frogs. The pond hosts lily pads and playful frogs, while the store, inn, and café are the places to find busier frogs. There are lots of tea lights as well, in various themes, and pieces designed to help you decorate for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas.

Goldminc has also turned her hand to making picture frames, mugs, jewelry, music boxes and keepsake boxes, and other items. The range of Blue Sky ceramics is virtually endless.

When it comes to clayworks Blue Sky is perfect for collectors because of the groupings of pieces. A family of Garden Dragons or the North Pole Village, complete with houses, toy mill, lamp posts, Christmas trees and Reindeer Lodge make obvious collections. Bugville Village was new to Blue Sky Clayworks in 2006. It features houses, a shop, an inn, a music pavilion, and even a delivery car. The Honey Bee Flower Cart, another of the pieces, is a great way to start off this charming collection of Blue Sky ceramics.

Even as a small child, Heather Goldminc loved making things out of modeling clay. Though she didn’t know that she would one day create Blue Sky Clayworks, she pursued her artistic interests and strove to develop her own distinct style. Perhaps that’s what makes Blue Sky ceramics so special – they’re unlike any other ceramic art. Now, because she’s succeeded in creating things that people love, Goldminc works in her own studio creating the clayworks Blue Sky distributes all over the world.

Like so many other talented artists, Heather Goldminc has strategically used the internet to display her Blue Sky ceramics to other people and to market the clayworks Blue Sky is now so famous for. It’s easy to window shop online to familiarize yourself with all the pieces currently available. Excellent pictures of each piece let you choose your favorites before making any purchase—when you’ve decided which of the themes, villages, or knickknacks you’d like to start collecting, you can order them online at your leisure and have them shipped to your home. You’ll enjoy the eager anticipation of waiting for the mail to come, and the excitement of unwrapping your new acquisition.

Your collection of Blue Sky ceramics won’t cost the earth either: many of the smaller pieces are less than $10, and there are many more to choose from if your budget stretches to a $35 purchase. The beautiful larger pieces may cost you $100, still an affordable price for a piece of collectible art.

If some pieces of your collection are sold out before you have acquired them all, you can enjoy the challenge of acquiring them from other collectors who buy and sell on the internet. Collecting Blue Sky Clayworks can become a fun and interesting hobby on so many levels.

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