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Cat figurines, as different as cats are themselves, are a fertile area for people who like to collect things with a theme. Cats are like dogs, sharing with them the affections and companionship of people the world over, and yet unlike dogs, for cats are mysterious, enigmatic, secretive masters of their own inner lives. Your dog will tell you everything, your cat, nothing.

Cats can be full of energy, lazy and self-indulgent, ferocious, cuddly, invisible or picturesque. They are everywhere. They provide endless inspiration for photography, art and sculpture.

Cat collectible items are tremendously popular. Even those who don’t care for cats as pets usually have an appreciation of their beauty, and an awe of the large wild cats that inhabit most parts of the world. It’s a collective fascination that runs through virtually all cultures, for cats have spread everywhere from the days when they were first domesticated.

Today they are curled up on the comfortable cushions of innumerable households and prowling the shadows of every lane and alleyway. To the delight of collectors of cat collectables and other art, they’re prowling the internet in large numbers as well. This is the place to find the next addition to your feline collection.

What sort of cat collectibles do you prefer? Virtually any piece of home decor can be found with a cat theme: clocks, cushions, wall hangings, paintings, tea cozies, Christmas decorations and just about anything else you can think of.  Google “cat candles:” you’ll find them. Would you like a purse decorated with one of the famous cat designs of Laurel Burch?—it’s out there, along with personalized checks, earrings, and other Laurel Burch “fantastic felines.” A Christmas cat?—choose from a wealth of Christmas cat figurines, tree decorations, and even special Christmas clothes for your pet cat.

How many famous cats can you think of? You can be sure there are collectibles created as memorabilia of these characters. The Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, the infamous Sylvester from the original Disney cartoons, Puss in Boots, most recently reincarnated as the dangerous and adorable cat in the Shrek movies, Aslan, the god-like lion in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: in fact, you can Google famous cats to find them all and then Google each one individually to find cat figurines and other pieces of art depicting them. If it’s not available from a retail site, you’ll probably find it on Ebay or some similar site.

With such a variety of cat figurines, paintings, decorative pieces, personal items and other cat-themed products, there is also naturally an endless range in prices. Some collectors have a lot of money to spend and they love to spend it on their hobby. For them, there are cat sculptures, paintings, and other works of art by acclaimed artists, some of them selling for thousands of dollars.

Most of us, however, have a more limited budget and just like to collect unique and interesting cat collectibles to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many collectible cats available in an endless array of styles for very reasonable prices.

There are just too many to mention them all, but even a few minutes on the internet will show you how many possibilities there are and possibly give you some ideas for future purchases. Cats are everywhere.

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