Christopher Radko Ornaments

Christopher Radko ornaments is an absolute "must" to look at, if you’re a collector of beautiful keepsake ornaments. Works of art made from hand blown glass and carefully decorated by hand, they are delicate, exquisite, and reminiscent of the beautiful glass work of days long past.

Indeed, the same techniques that were used many years ago are being used to create these desirable collectibles designed by Christopher Radko.

Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments were the first pieces of this vast collection, which has been expanding now for thirty years. In what started as an attempt to recreate broken family keepsake ornaments, Radko rediscovered the old arts, the descendants of the old artisans, and a buried talent for designing Christmas ornaments that people love.

Radko ornaments are now collected by people all over the world, and they are fine enough to decorate the homes of the famous and the wealthy.

Retired Radko ornaments fall into a class all their own. Over the years, many of Radko’s designs have been retired (currently about a third each year) – no more of these will ever be produced and they are now treasures even more eagerly sought by collectors of Radko ornaments than the newer designs. When these ornaments become rare, their value soars: retired Radko Christmas ornaments have sold for more than twenty-five times their original value. Collectibles indeed.

Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments were just the beginning. The collection has expanded to include pieces designed for every occasion: Easter, Halloween, even Hanukkah. There are Christopher Radko ornaments for weddings, births, and travel souvenirs, like the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” ornament, depicting playing cards and dice. Among the recently retired Radko ornaments is the Sea Surf Seahorse ornament, a lustrous seahorse with a pearly scallop shell hanging below it.

Christopher Radko ornaments are available at a number of shops where artistic home décor is sold, but they are also readily available on the internet. You will find that some retired Radko ornaments, destined to increase dramatically in value, are available from vendors at the original price. A wide range of old pieces are pictured on websites – far more than you would find in any one shop that stocks them. Internet vendors are happy to take orders and arrange shipping. This is the best venue to find Radko pieces and choose your favorite theme ornaments and Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments.

Best of all, despite the fact that Christopher Radko ornaments are desired and collected by many people who can afford to spend a lot of money on such things, only the rare retired Radko ornaments are priced out of the range of the average shopper.

You can start your collection with one of the five inch hand blown Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments for about $45, or buy a group of three ornaments from the “Fantasia” collection for about $100. The price of these treasured ornaments makes them ideal to give or request as gifts – and their obvious quality makes them keepsakes that your family will want to treasure forever.

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