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Have you seen a Circle of Love Figurine? "Encompassing Love", a typical one, is an elegant white porcelain sculpture of a pair of lovers. She is a slender woman with long hair, seated within the circle of his embrace, her face turned up to his. He is gazing down, his body a broad strong circle large enough to surround her.

At once you get a feeling of safety, tenderness, and enduring love, things we all strive for in our own relationships. “Encompassing Love”, like all the figurines in this line of collectibles, aims to capture life’s moments of love and contentment.

Circle of Love collectibles are created by Kim Lawrence, an Enesco artist with a flair for simple, elegant, evocative designs. Many of her creations are made of white porcelain, while the Silhouette line is made of lustrous black porcelain and other pieces are made of glass. All are beautiful sculptures designed around a circle, symbol of continuity and endless love. It’s amazing how Kim Lawrence manages to convey so much meaning with this simple shape in each of her figurines: the compositions clearly communicate love, peace, happiness, comfort, energy, and above all, the intertwining nature of human relationships.

Circle of Love collectibles come in a wide range of sizes and themes. There are pieces of art to dominate room decor, more than a foot tall and often poised on a polished wood base. There are somewhat smaller pieces, seven to ten inches tall, a whole collection of cake toppers — perfect for weddings, christenings or other special occasions — and various Christmas ornaments from hanging tree ornaments to larger seasonal decorations. Add a photo frame to your Circle of Love figurine collection for a special touch.

Though they exude elegance and tastefulness, Circle of Love Collectibles are quite affordable. Larger pieces, like the “Encompassing Love” Circle of Love figurine are usually priced at around $55 to $70, but look as though you spent far more. Smaller pieces, just as beautiful but perhaps more reserved, range anywhere from $20 and up. Candle holders, picture frames, Christmas tree decorations and cake toppers are all regularly priced between $20 and $40 with some retailers offering desirable pieces for great discounts.

If you are looking for a Circle of Love figurine to begin or expand a collection, there’s no better place to shop than on the internet. Kim Lawrence’s designs are carried by a number of internet retailers, many of whom have a wide range of different sculptures complete with posted pictures and pricing information. Browse the various categories: parents and children, love, family, religious, cake toppers and all the rest. It’s easy to find a figurine or decoration appropriate for any occasion.

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