Civil War Toy Soldiers

Civil War toy soldiers are quite popular among collectors, given the unwavering interest in one of the most researched and documented wars of the modern era.

Toy soldiers have been around in one form or another for thousands of years, with the first models being the small replicas of soldiers used in pharaohs' tombs to protect them in the afterlife. Although interest in the different kinds of soldiers has changed and materials have come in and out of fashion, it seems that Civil War plastic soldiers are by far and away the most popular ones of all time.

While some collectors enjoy populating their shelves with all kinds of toy soldiers from ancient battles to the more modern conflicts, there are still a respectable number of collectors whose interest rests strictly with these small reproductions of the soldiers who wore the famous Blue and Grey uniforms. There is a huge section of this hobby that is devoted to finding the perfect Civil War toy soldiers and setting up a perfect replica of one of the famous battles that shaped America's history.

The rising popularity of realistic toys and accessories among collectors has led to some of the most detailed and well made plastic Civil War soldiers and play sets being made today. Toy companies which specialize in toy soldiers and military replicas have introduced some of the most interesting pieces in recent years, from full scale replicas of famous battles to astonishingly detailed field hospitals that are so accurate that the patients are biting on blocks of wood!

You might be surprised to hear that even in Europe, American Civil War toy soldiers are very popular with collectors of military history and soldier figurines, but there are indeed quite a lot of folks abroad who love these pieces of American history and are thrilled to put them in their collection alongside figures from their own country's history.

Thanks to the enduring popularity of Civil War toy soldiers, they have become quite easy to find, as well as affordable enough for both the die hard collector and the novice just buying his or her first piece. Shops that specialize in military collectibles abound, but there are now a number of stores both online and in brick-and-mortar form that deal only with figures, play sets, accessories and other memorabilia from the American Civil War.

While it is good to exercise caution while purchasing any kind of toy soldiers, it is best to be a little more careful when looking for Civil War soldiers, especially if your interest extends to the more antique versions of these popular items. Models of Confederate and Union soldiers have been produced since just a few years after the original conflict was settled, and there are sure to be some of these originals in circulation.

To make sure you get the real deal and not a cheap reproduction, be sure to do your homework first and know what you're looking for before you shop. Make sure any supposed vintage Civil War soldiers come with a guarantee or a certification of their authenticity, too, to make sure that you don't waste your money and time on a counterfeit!

Though the Civil War was a dark and troubled time in America's history, many collectors and enthusiasts feel that we can properly honor the memories of those who perished by learning all we can about it, to make sure their mistakes are never repeated. Collecting Civil War toy soldiers is a great way to show off your interest in history and pass it on to the next generation, so don't be afraid to share it with the world. You might be surprised at how many others, both young and old, share your interest.

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