Collectible Baby Dolls

If you're new to the world of collectible baby dolls no doubt you are discovering the breadth of the industry and the wide variety of available for collectors.

There are a number realistic baby dolls on the market today, with new life-like versions being created all the time.  As they grow in popularity, the "realness" of these dolls increases.  In fact, there are several currently being sold today that you have to take a second or third look to figure out it isn't in fact a real infant.

The Heartland Mint Collection of "Baby Feel So Real" silicone dolls are produced by a number of artists, including Kymberli Durden, whose Elisabeth Victoria baby has open eyes, weighs eight pounds and is 18 inches long. She has all the skin nuances that you would find on a newborn, all made with platinum-based silicone, and sells for a little over $200. Other artists creating these silicone life size collectable baby dolls include Pat Moulton, Terry Quinn and Becky Bright.

Another player is Lee Middleton Original Dolls, with its fall 2006 releases retailing for $135 to $200. Ashton-Drake Galleries is another with life size baby dolls at 22-inches retailing in the $150 range. They even give you the chance to personalize your baby doll, choosing hair color, sex and name.

Madame Alexander Dolls is another collectible baby dolls supplier you can check out. Marie Osmond, the famous singer, has her own line of dolls as well. Madame Alexander features 12-inch Huggable Huggums retailing in the $50 range. Marie Osmond’s dolls are porcelain, range in size from nine to 16 inches and retail from $31 to $175.

Adora Original offered special limited-edition vinyl dolls for 2006 with eight new sculpts on the 20-inch doll and one on the 22-inch doll. Starting 2006 all of its 22-inch dolls are limited edition. No edition exceeds 700 pieces and some are as low as 200.

Artista Dolls are sculpted by artists such as Donna RuBert, Jane Pinkstaff, Rachel Scott and Kymberli Durden and are made from vinyl. Lulla My Baby Dolls are 16-inches with a vinyl feel to them, and include a five-song CD, cradle and musical pillow. They retail for around $60.

If it’s realistic baby dolls you are looking for, the silicone based ones are worth inspecting. The Heartland Mint Collection has some beauties in its online catalog, ranging in price from $100 to $210. These life size collectable baby dolls are so realistic you will think you’re cuddling the real thing.

If that’s a little too life-like for you, you may want to start your collectible baby dolls collection with dolls made of vinyl, porcelain or other materials.

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