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Our Collectible Toys & Games section includes all of the popular playthings from the past several decades, including action figures, marbles, toy soldiers, model cars and more.

Many of these items have increased significantly in value over the years... some of the rarer pieces can be worth a small fortune.

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Action Figures

From GI Joe to Lord of the Rings to Halo action figures, find out about some of the most popular collectibles of all time. Action figures are simply another offshoot of our fascination with heroes and villains, whether they are the traditional caped crusader or a firefighter carrying a child from a burning building.

Die Cast Model Cars

Mustang Die Cast Model CarMustang Die Cast Model Car

Following the invention of the automobiles these collectable toys became quite popular with young boys, with Hot Wheels & Matchbox as two of the leading manufacturers.

Glass Marbles

Glass marbles have been around for quite some time, and the game of marbles is considered to be one of the oldest in history. It dates back to the ancient Romans, who played with balls of flint, baked clay or stone. Of course, when they expanded their empire they took their game with them, spreading it around the world.

Glass MarblesGlass Marbles

Music Boxes

Music BoxesMusic Boxes

Music boxes are thought by many to be among the most magical of collectibles. The very idea that a tiny piece of machinery, small enough to fit in your hand, is capable of playing such a variety of sweet, delicate tunes is such a fascinating one that millions of people have been captivated by music boxes for hundreds of years now.

Plastic Toy Soldiers

After World War II, some manufacturers decided to make the figures out of plastic as a cheaper and more child-friendly alternative to the lead figures that had been so popular previously.

Plastic Toy SoldiersPlastic Toy Soldiers

Smurf Toys

Smurf ToysSmurf Toys

Due to the incredible popularity of the beloved 1980's cartoon, Smurf toys have become one of the hottest trends in collectibles. Kids and adults alike just can't seem to get enough of these happy little blue people who lived in the woods together.

Snow Globes

Snow globes have always been one of the most popular collectibles, since they often combine favorite scenes and characters, lending a feeling of nostalgia to any room in which they are displayed. More than just a favorite among collectors, however, they are also often given as souvenirs of trips around the country and around the world.

Snow GlobeSnow Globe

Train Sets

Train setsTrain sets

Models of trains have been around since the first locomotives hit the tracks, though at first they were used as promotional sales tools by the railways.

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