Miniatures and Collectibles

Mar 28, 2015

Lenox Figurines - Lenox Collections

Learn about the ever-popular Lenox figurines and discover how you can add to your Lenox collections with unique pieces.

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Feb 16, 2015

Stamp Collecting

Learn about stamp collecting and read about how you can start your own collection today.

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Feb 02, 2015

Trading Cards

Learn about trading cards and where you can find sports, cartoon and movie cards for sale.

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Jan 28, 2015

Dakin Teddy Bears

Dakin teddy bears have a long history, from the Paddington of the early days to the Olympics mascot to the unique Artist collection.

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Jan 23, 2015

Celebrity Autographs - Historical Autographs

Learn about celebrity autographs, including the most sought after historical autographs and signatures.

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Jan 21, 2015

Beatles Memorabilia - Beatles Collectibles

Learn about Beatles memorabilia, some of the most popular musical collectibles of all time.

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Jan 08, 2015

Collectible Spoons

Collectible spoons might sound like a strange hobby, but spoon collecting has been popular for hundreds of years.

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Jan 07, 2015

Simpsons Collectibles & Dolls

Simpsons collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, with Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge and the rest of the Springfield residents.

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Jan 05, 2015

Collectible Dolls - Doll Collections

Learn about collectible dolls and discover how you can use the Internet to complete your doll collections.

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Nov 18, 2014

Entertainment Earth Donates to Toys for Tots

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Entertainment Earth, Inc. ( has donated $100,000 worth of toys to Toys for Tots for its annual holiday toy drive, bringing holiday cheer to less fortunate children in communities nationwide.

Entertainment Earth knows that every collector starts as a tot. "I'm a fan first, and the toys I got as a kid are what inspired me to become a collector and start this company. I'm thrilled that we are able to share our love of toys by donating to kids in need," said Jason Labowitz, president and co-founder of Entertainment Earth.

"It's really because of our clients that we've grown and are able to donate these toys. Without our clients, we wouldn't have the resources to help kids experience the joy of the holiday season," Labowitz said.

Toys for Tots holds an annual toy drive to collect new unwrapped toys, and distributes those toys as Christmas gifts to children in need across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

About Entertainment Earth, Inc.: Entertainment Earth - - is the preeminent pioneer and innovator in the worldwide online retail and wholesale toy, gift, and collectibles industry, offering unparalleled expertise and an ever-expanding selection of over 22,000 licensed products. Founded in 1996 and based in Simi Valley, California, Entertainment Earth is renowned for its popular website and print catalog, and its groundbreaking best practices that include a Mint Condition Guarantee, Risk Free Shopping, and Hassle Free 90-Day Returns.

About Marine Toys for Tots Foundation: The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a not-for-profit organization authorized by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Department of Defense to provide fundraising and other necessary support for the annual Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. Now in its 66th year, Toys for Tots provides joy and a message of hope to economically disadvantaged children through the gift of a new toy during the Christmas holiday season. Their gifts offer these children recognition and a positive memory they will cherish for a lifetime. Many of the gifts they provide, such as books, games and sports equipment, make a significant contribution to the educational, social, and physical development of these children. In 2012, Marines distributed gifts to 7.1 million children in 740 communities nationwide. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation relies on individual donations from the American public as well as support from corporate sponsors, including Duracell. For more information, visit

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