Colonial At Home Candles

On your fist encounter with Colonial at Home Candles, you might arrive at a friend’s home for the evening, coming through the door to a pleasant and intriguing scent. It is coming from the twin flames of a candle burning on the table. The candle is a warm reddish brown color and enclosed inside a glass holder whose label declares that it is “autumn fig.” Ah! So that’s how autumn fig smells. Lovely.

Colonial Candles come from a company that has been in business for almost 100 years. They learned the art when candles were still very much an everyday item in North American homes, and continue to refine it today, in a time when candles have become a symbol of romance and style for the home decorator with flair. Even the name—Colonial at Home Candles—reflects the company’s deep understanding of their customers.

Colonial home candles are not just any candle. Each one comes with specific instructions tuned to its design and formulation to help you get the most out your purchase. They tell you the secrets — how and when to trim wicks, where to place the candle, how to avoid wax spills, how to get the longest burning time out of your Colonial candles, and how to use candles safely to set the mood and add a pleasing fragrance to the air. As an added bonus, the labels come off the glass containers cleanly when the candle is finished, so that you can use the container for some other decorative purpose. Nothing is wasted when you buy Colonial at Home candles.

Colonial Candles products are many and varied. There are scented jar candles with matching pillars, tea lights, votives, wax melts, and “handipt” dripless tapers. There are lots of different scents with tempting names like “Wild Rose Truffle,” “Cranberry Apple Tea,” and “Blackberry Mint.” You’ll wonder if it’s your nose or your taste buds telling you that things are wonderful. And not to leave any shopper out, Colonial Home Candles offers various other products and accessories too.

Recognizing that some people enjoy candles that are not scented, the Colonial at Home Candles line includes unscented candles as well — you’re still getting a quality candle, but without the scent. Or, if it’s the candle you don’t want, you will love their botanical potpourri and all the potpourri accessories designed to make a masterpiece of your potpourri purchase. Twin Champagne Confetti Botanical Potpourri with Colonial Candles etched glass bowl and you have a decorator’s dream piece that will make the air smell great while your guests admire its beauty.

Colonial Home candles and all the accessories come in prices that anyone can afford. Simmer warmers, designed to melt scented wax in the cup on top, are just 5$ to $10 dollars, while the simmer snaps to melt in them are just a dollar or two. Pillar Colonial at Home Candles start as low as $8 or $9 and go up depending on their size and style, while scented jar candles are usually $10 and up. Some of the beautiful accessories will cost a little more — the etched glass bowl for potpourri sells for about $40, but then it will last forever and can be used over and over.

It’s impossible to describe all the colors, scents, styles, and accessories of Colonial Candles, but fortunately, they are all on display all the time — on the internet. In order to see the whole line, just visit the company website and the many retail websites that sell the products. You can window shop, compare prices, muse over you choices, order, pay, and receive the product at your door without ever leaving home — so you’ll never have to worry about leaving a candle burning unattended.

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