Dakin Teddy Bears

Dakin teddy bears had been around for decades. Indeed, no bear brand name illustrates the evolution of the traditional cuddly teddy bear better than these bears do.

Teddy bears: once a simple straightforward children’s toy in a basic design, these stuffed animals have become an art form and a competitive type of collectors item. The beloved Paddington was one of the early bears that really stood out from the rest, but in recent years many others have come along, full of creativity and character.

Dakin bears are among the best of the bears, designed in so many different styles that it’s difficult to describe the line in a few words. Dakin bears included belly bears, plump and squashable, shaped like a small child in sleepers that are a bit too big. There are extra large plush teddy bears like the Dakin Minky, 18 inches tall with incredibly realistic faux mink fur, and limited edition bears that commemorated an event or were sold to support a good cause. Among the Dakin teddy bears there were many personalities, all created with careful design, all endearing to the collector.

Limited Edition Dakin Teddy Bears

For the avid collector of Dakin bears, the limited edition designs are a good place to start, but it’s fun to shop the second hand internet sites as well. Some Dakin bears are unexpectedly rare and valuable, like the Moscow Olympics mascot created in 1980. If you come upon one of these with the Olympic symbol for a belt, you’ve found a rare bear.

Other limited edition Dakin teddies have been introduced over the years and then become quite rare and sought after. You can search for these bears or pick up the current limited edition designs and hang onto them —one day you might have a valuable item.

Dakin Teddy Bear MishaDakin Teddy Bear Misha


For most collectors however, it's not the value of the bear that counts, it's the huggable-ness, the warm fuzzy feeling that these charming characters bring with them. Still a favorite gift for children, Dakin bears often don't end up in the arms of a child —adults love them too and keep them safely out of harm's way so that they never look worn. And one is never enough; many a casual collector is hooked, and soon intent on acquiring Dakin teddy bears for every room in the house.

Affordable Teddy Bears are Dakin bears

Dakin Bear JaspinDakin Bear Jaspin

Dakin bears are usually very afford-ably priced, which makes it easy to collect a whole party of them. Some of the smaller teddies retail for under $10 – they're as cute and lovable as any others, just smaller. Limited editions can be about $40 for 10inch bears and the price goes up with the size: a 24inch limited edition Dakin teddy bear costs about $50.

A few of the special designs, like the Artist collection bears, inspired by famous artists such as Thomas Kinkade, are more expensive and more eagerly sought after than others. The Dakin plush Thomas Kinkade bears are 14inches tall and sell for about $50.

If the internet is a good place to search for Dakins on the secondary market, it's an equally good place to research what's available in unused bears, and shop around internet retail sites to make a purchase.

With so many secure sites now doing business this way, it's never been easier to find that perfect Dakin bear, pay for it online, and then relax and let all your other bears know that a new friend is on the way.

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