Danbury Mint Collectibles

It's possible that Danbury Mint collectibles include the widest range of products and themes of any retailer.

Like Santa Claus checking his Christmas list, Danbury has thought of everyone. Collectors of figurines, dolls, decorative plates and classic cars will all find wonderful choices here. If you like Hummel figurines, Disney characters, Betty Boop, or even John Deere tractors, you'll find a piece in your favorite theme to add to your collection. Christmas ornaments, dog and cat figurines and pictures, sports memorabilia, and Boyds Bears are all represented.

Danbury Mint plates are one of the more popular items, both affordable and created in styles sure to be appealing to today's collectors. Danbury has specialized in charming fine porcelain pictures of dogs: big dogs, little dogs, posing dogs and cuddling dogs, shelties, border collies, terriers, and retrievers —lovers of purebred dogs will find a picture of their favorite pooch on a Danbury plate.

Among all the Danbury mint collection items, the dogs hold the most personal appeal to many people, but there are pictures of cats too, as well as birds, pictures with a Christian theme, a series of scenes depicted Peanuts by Charles Shultz, and other popular themes.

Danbury Mint plates pair up nicely with many of the company's sculptures, figurines and other products. The proud owner of a purebred dog can start with a plate, then add a beautiful miniature sculpture of their faithful friend. Later, they might add a colorful throw with another picture of the dog, or a silver or gold pendant depicting the dog. It's possible to build a whole collection around a favorite pet.

For Hummel fans, a collection created from Danbury Mint collectibles might include a plate or two, a stained glass lamp, a canister set, or even a set of four porcelain tea cups. Bird lovers will find bird plates and a whole line of detailed bird figurines.

It’s no surprise that Danbury Mint plates are so popular when you consider that they are among the most affordable products from this retailer. Most are 8 ¼ inches wide and many are trimmed with gold—available for $30 to $32 plus tax. Wooden stands are available to make plates easy to display. Smaller items, such as some of the Christmas tree ornaments cost a little less, while many of the Danbury Mint collectibles cost considerably more.

Dog figurines retail for $60 and up, gold and sterling silver jewelry is available at about $80 and up, dolls and theme lamps are often $150 or more. These products, however, are worth the price: they are carefully produced collectibles that glow with quality and they will never lose their value.

Explore the world of Danbury Mint collectibles on the internet. There, you can explore retail sites that carry the various products and find out about the whole range of themes and styles. No retail store in your area will be able to display the whole range of Danbury Mint plates, but an internet site can do so —and you can bookmark it and come back as many times as you want. Internet shopping makes it so easy to look for the perfect collectibles at the best possible price.

Whatever you collect, try Danbury Mint first. You may not need to look any further.

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