Dora The Explorer Dolls

No preschooler’s collection of toys should be without Dora the Explorer dolls. This is one of the hottest interactive educational play themes to come along in a while: kids all over are going on adventures with Dora—on their home computers, in their picture story books, and with their toys.

While they’re adventuring, they’re also learning some Spanish, elementary math, music, and physical coordination. They don’t even know they’re learning—the mark of a really successful educational medium for young children.

For kids who love Dora, there are lots of Dora collectibles, enough to fill a wish list for birthdays, Christmases, or any other special occasion for quite some time. There are adventure playsets, like the Fairytale Castle, the Talking Backpack, the Shop’n Go Market, and others. Each playset comes with figurines and accessories, so that kids can use their imaginations to create their own Dora adventures.

Kids can also collect a number of Dora the Explorer dolls in various costumes to fit in with their imaginative play. Of course, Dora isn’t complete without the Boots the monkey —naturally kids can collect him too, along with other characters from the Dora stories.

Dora collectibles help children go on learning even when they’re not reading the books or playing the interactive games. These cleverly designed toys encourage creativity and help kids develop a positive attitude towards math, physical activity, music, learning other languages, and even being kind and helpful to others. Once they’ve gotten to know Dora, the rest just comes naturally, and Dora the Explorer dolls and other accessories help keep it alive. The positive impact of Dora is comparable to the famous Dr. Seuss books, or the Care Bears of the 1980s.

Dora collectibles are made to be affordable for every child —they come in a great variety of themes and sizes. You can buy the small Dora the Explorer dolls for under $10US; small activity sets like the Cowgirl Adventure set retail for under $10 as well, and even the popular Mermaid Adventures figurines can be purchased for under $15.  For the lucky child that has the opportunity to collect lots of Dora collectibles, adventure playsets like the Fairytale Castle and the Talking backpack cost from $30 to $35, and the large intricate sets like Dora’s magical castle retail for about $90. There’s a Dora toy for every gift giver and for every child.

Dora dolls and toys are available in many retail outlets and Dora books are sold in the children’s section of virtually every book store. The best place o shop for these products, however, is on the internet. Dora collectibles are available on many internet sires, with secure payment options and the convenience of having your purchase shipped to you.

You don’t need to worry about combing the local toys stores for the specific toy that your child wants—you can find it on the internet, order it, and know that your child won’t be disappointed. No fighting your way through crowds of other shoppers; no waiting in long lines. On the internet, you can shop any time, and compare prices without a lot of travel.

When you find the items you are looking for, you can say “ilo hicimos” (“we did it”) just like Dora, and then relax. Your shopping’s done.

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