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Elvis Presley, the subject of millions of Elvis collectibles, was one in a million himself. The only performer ever to be inducted into four different music “halls of fame,” he is still called “The King” 30 years after his death at the untimely age of 42.

Singer, songwriter, motion picture film actor and American soldier, he left a wealth of things to be remembered by, even though he died young. In fact, memorabilia bearing his picture, signature, the well known TCB logo or other symbols connected with the superstar were in circulation long before he died. Since his death in 1977, the production of these collectibles has not diminished —neither has the sale of his music, making Elvis Presley one of the best selling music artists of all time.

Some Elvis collectables are very rare and difficult to obtain, the favorites of very serious collectors. Others are relatively common, and still others are so widespread as to have only purely sentimental value. Elvis collectibles can be roughly divided into three main groups, all of which have different significance and value.

The most coveted items are those that actually belonged to Presley or were closely connected to him in some way; next are memorabilia produced for collectors while Presley was still alive; and finally, there are the collectible items that have been produced since his death and are still being produced today.

There is an astonishing variety of Elvis collectible items among the ones that he owned or used – everything from his automobiles to prescription pill bottles and documents with his signature on them. More remote but still worth money to serious collectors there are things like concert ticket stubs —collectibles that were there when he was. One of his prescription pill bottles has sold for $2640 US, while a microphone that he used was worth $15,000 to an avid collector at another auction. The collector who stumbles across one of these rare items and acquires it for a low price is exceedingly lucky.

There were many collectibles produced for adoring fans while Elvis was still alive. The first products came from Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. —items of clothing, dolls, jewelry and other personal items all bore his handsome face. Huge numbers of these collectibles were produced, deliberately creating a collector fan base, and they sold alongside Elvis' hit singles in vast numbers. As the years have passed, the number of these items remaining has dwindled gradually, and though many are not worth a great deal, they are increasing in value.

Among the Elvis collectibles produced since his death, value and price vary widely. Some are limited editions, made with an eye to artistic excellence and quality craftsmanship; others are cheaply mass produced items that have no value on the secondary market, but nevertheless mean a great deal to those who have collected them. To learn the value of any of the Elvis collectables, consult a reputable dealer with a good knowledge of Elvis memorabilia.

You’ll probably find that reputable dealer, and many other collectors who buy, sell, and trade Elvis collectibles, on the internet. Collectors have been quick to grasp the power of the internet for finding collectables —items are scattered all over North America, and even the world, and so is the internet. Like never before, widespread individuals with similar interests can link up with each other.

Surfing the internet yields hours of entertainment, both fun and informative: no matter where you are, you can find thousands of Elvis collectables. The internet is the King of communication —no doubt the King of Rock and Roll would be amazed.

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