Fenton Art Glass

Fenton Art Glass. Sophisticated, elegant and classy. This collection of beautiful glassware has been growing and attracting the interest of collectors of home accents since 1905. In that year, two brothers started producing artwork on glass in an old glass factory in Ohio.

Frank and John Fenton were artistic and creative and they were continually looking for something new. Soon they were producing their own glass in attractive new colors and designs. The creativity and elegance has continued ever since.

There's something about a piece of Fenton glassware that speaks of quality. Like Royal Doulton fine china and Sterling silver, Fenton glass takes its place in the upper class of fine accessories and furnishings for the home. Many a home decorator will browse through one of the company's catalogs or surf internet sites dreaming of owning a real collector's treasure from Fenton.

Your eye might be caught by the Cheery Blossoms on Indigo pieces, original Fenton glassware for 2007, designed by decorating designer Kim Barley. Here are stunning vases, bowls, and pitchers painted with a simple cherry blossom design. Other plain pieces in the same indigo color fill out a collection of Fenton art glass that anyone would love to own. Beautiful. The reliable sophistication of Fenton glass is clearly evident in the flawless lines.

On another site, you might come across the Opal Satin Fenton art glass collection. The 2006 collection of figurines includes a hummingbird, cat, pig, elephant, bear, and songbird, all crafted in opal glass. Each Fenton animal is hand painted with a single daisy and decorated with a crystal dewdrop on the leaf, a signature design by Robin Spindler. Priced within reach of almost any collector, each of these Fenton glassware collectibles costs between $30 and $35US.

Like all quality artwork, Fenton glass is painstakingly produced with careful attention to quality control. The process is time consuming and costly – it's the only way to ensure that each piece is worthy of the name. It ensures, too, that when you buy a piece of Fenton glass, you get what you've paid for, and that you can add to your collection year after year and receive the same quality in the items your purchase.

Keep track of the newest pieces, order, and connect with other collectors online. The internet has made it easy to get Fenton glassware wherever you are. It has also made it easy and appealing to join collector clubs and forums, so that you can keep up with what others are saying about Fenton pieces. For those who appreciate quality and beauty, it's a great hobby.

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