Firefighter Gifts & Collectibles

Giving firefighter gifts means different things to different people. Perhaps your spouse or some other close family member is a firefighter who likes to collect things that remind them of their very special vocation.

Perhaps you just want to express your admiration for and pride in what they do. Or, you might know someone who enjoys an armchair enthusiasm for the drama of fires and the people who risk their lives to fight them—maybe you’re such a person yourself. Lots of people feel a special connection to firefighters, who truly seem to enjoy their dangerous line of work.

It’s not surprising, then, that firefighter collectibles are readily available, and occur as a vast array of different products —something for everyone, as the saying goes. There are blankets and throws, mugs, clothing, key chains, and charms; there are plaques and awards, clocks, watches, books, and even edible firefighter present.

To find something in particular, just search for it on the internet, or if you need ideas, visit a site and scroll through the many products offered. Some sites will even send a free catalog on request, so that you can browse through the things they have to offer now and in the future.

The Maltese cross is a universal symbol of honor for firefighters, and a symbol of protection for the rest of us. Fittingly, you'll find the Maltese cross incorporated into many firefighter collectibles. Another symbol of the discipline familiar to many of us is the Dalmatian, the typical firefighter’s dog. Imagine a pretty windchime with a descending spiral of alternate Maltese crosses and Dalmatians, accented with glittering beads. The Spiral Fire Gear Windchime is sold by The Roberts Company. Maltese crosses also come in many different forms of firefighter gifts from pins to hitch covers, window graphics, and flags.

The internet is the perfect place to search for collectibles, and it's the right place to start looking for things with a firefighter theme. Some retail websites are devoted entirely to firefighter collectibles and carry an astonishing range of products that are easy to browse through. Others carry firefighter products as just part of wide range of gifts and collectibles so that you can browse for other things as well.

Prices range from very inexpensive to treasures for the healthy budget. Pick up a fire hydrant suncatcher for $3, or splurge and spend $50 on a Fireman's Prayer throw blanket, or $90 on a weathervane with an old fashioned fire engine decoration. Firefighter gifts come in all prices -you will definitely find something to fit your needs.

Everyone hopes that they will never meet a firefighter at the scene of a fire! If it happens, however, you will probably owe that firefighter a big thank-you. That's what firefighter gifts are for. If it never happens, we still all live in greater safety and comfort knowing that firefighters are out there, every minute of every day, ready to respond at a moment's notice.

Letting them know how much we appreciate them is another reason there are firefighter collectibles. What better way is there to say “Thank you.”

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