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Flambro Imports in Atlanta, Georgia, is the home of Flambro collectibles, pottery figurines and fine china for the tasteful decorator and figurine collector.

Their fine china is delicate and beautifully painted, with the distinctive look of quality china. Its value lasts through the years and pieces are frequently seen on the secondary market, most recently on buy and sell internet sites such as eBay. Flambro pottery figurines are something completely different, dominated by the charming and much collected Emmett Kelly figurines.

Emmett Kelly Flambro collectible figurines

Emmett Kelly figurines by Flambro first became popular in the 1980s, with Flambro being the first company to market pottery depicting the world famous clown, Emmett Kelly Jr. in his role as the tragic character, Weary Willie. Artistically produced from the very beginning, these Flambro collectables quickly became one of the company's main lines, and made Emmett Kelly so familiar and famous that he became “the world's most collectible clown”.

Flambro's Emmett Kelly figurines entered a collector's market that already contained figurines and memorabilia related to Kelly's famous father, the original Weary Willy and the creator of the character. Brought up in a circus family and born with a natural talent all his own, the junior Kelly raised the character to another level, and changed the look of clown collectibles, Flambro collectibles in particular, forever.

A quick browse on the internet will quickly show collectors, and potential collectors, that Flambro Emmett Kelly pieces live on, even though both the original clowns are gone. There are such a variety of Emmett Kelly collectible items that one collection could scarcely hold them all — but the selection of new, previously owned, and even rare pieces makes collecting them challenging, exciting, and compelling.

Some websites have a number of pieces in stock: both miniatures and full size figurines; others will help you search for specific pieces that you desire for your collection; others, like eBay, simply allow you to peruse what's available on the secondary market.

Flambro Emmett Kelly statuettes are quality collectibles and you can easily put together a collection worth thousands of dollars, if that is your dream. Many, if not most, pieces are discontinued, meaning that they will become progressively rarer, harder to find, and more highly valued.

Even the miniatures sell for $50 and up, with regular size Flambros in this line costing $100 to $200 for those that are still readily available and over a thousand for the more highly coveted ones.

In about thirty five years of distributing Flambro collectibles, the company has created a distinctive and sought-after collection of lovable clown figurines that form the standard for quality Emmett Kelly collectibles.

For many people Flambro Emmett Kelly figurines represent both the clown and the company and there's every indication that these figurines will continue to be the focus of dedicated collectors, who will in turn watch their investment grow steadily in value over the years.

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