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Our Food and Drink Collectibles section covers everything related to eating and drinking, from beer steins to dinnerware to cookie jars. Anything that might have been found in a kitchen or dining room at one point or another can be found in this part of our web site.

Choose from any of the food & drink items below to find out more about the particular collectibles and how they have risen in popularity over the years.

Coca Cola ColelctiblesCoca Cola Colelctibles

Coca Cola Collectibles

With Coca Cola on the verge of celebrating its 120th anniversary, millions of people around the world are proud to call themselves collectors of Coca Cola memorabilia.

Collectible Teapots

Though tea drinking got its start in the Far East in the early centuries, teapots were not around at the time. The Chinese used handleless cups to brew loose-leaf tea and drink it. Many years later, the teapot as we know it was invented, and western countries like Great Britain and the United States are credited with the invention.

Collectible Teapots GuideCollectible Teapots Guide
Cookie Jar Betty BoopCookie Jar Betty Boop

For the many lovers of fun and colorful kitchen collectibles, cookie jars are the "sweetest" of them all. What was once little more than a mundane, functional storage item has become one of the world's most widely embraced collectable pieces, and they are rarely used for their intended purpose these days.

German Beer Steins

You don't necessarily have to love beer to love collecting German beer steins, as many people already know. More than just a vehicle for holding beer, many of these traditional mugs also have incredibly detailed designs engraved into them that makes them a true piece of art, as well as a collector's item.

German Beer SteinGerman Beer Stein

Kinder Eggs

Kinder EggKinder Egg

Kinder Surprises were born back in 1974 in Italy. The toys are designed by a number of engineers, designers, and even guest designers like French artist Andre Roche. The egg itself, made by a company called Ferrero, is a layer of dark chocolate on the outside and then a layer of white chocolate on the inside against the plastic capsule that contains the surprise. The entire candy is wrapped in a nice looking orange and white aluminum foil wrapper.

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We will be adding new food & drink collectibles over the next few months so be sure to check back with us regularly for updates.

If you have a favorite food or drink collectible, let us know about it and we'll be happy to include it in our next review.

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