Foundations Angels & Other Collectibles

Foundations Angels are collectible figurines by Karen Hahn. About twenty two years ago, illustrator Karen Hahn was hired to do freelance artwork for Enesco —little did Karen or Enesco know that it was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship with the artist contributing her creative genius to her own designs and to other product lines within the company.

She was destined to become the creator of treasured lines of collectibles —initially she gained prominence for her creation of the Friends of a Feather line; now she's making a mark with angels and other figurines of a similar style.

Foundations angelic figurines are distinctive stone resin figurines with an easily recognizable style. They are tall and willowy in gentle earth tones. Their broad strong wings sometimes seem to wrap around them protectively and each has a beautiful message written on the panel of her skirt. The messages are comforting, loving, even inspirational, and the whole impression is one of peace and safety. The same comfortable style is seen in other collectible items by Karen Hahn as well.

One of the lines from Karen Hahn is the Blooming Wild collection. These collectibles are not angels —they are women. Blooming Wild figurines have the same willowy look and the peaceful mood, and they're designed to honor the spirit of women. On each one, gorgeous blooms cling instead of wings, and each has a message on the back. Like the angels, they come with many different inspirational thoughts and themes. The themes include Christmas, Inspirational, Love of Life, Family, and Knowledge.

Foundations collectible items aren't just beautiful figurines —in the Blooming Wild line, there are lots of different types of collectibles: ornaments, wind chimes, pillows, stepping stones, plant stakes and other things are available with the same mellow earthy look and the same graceful lines. Foundations angels come as ornaments as well —what could be more appropriate for adding to your Christmas decorations?

Enesco is happy to be able to offer Foundations collectibles to collectors for very reasonable prices. For most pieces, you won't pay more than about $28 US, in fact, the vast majority of Foundations angels and other pieces are under $20. Ornaments typically cost about $10, while the larger figurines are about $20. Plant stakes, in the Blooming Wild collection, are about $14 and they're very unique —it's like adding an angelic flower to your house plant that will never stop blooming. Other collectibles like pillows and stepping stones also fall in the $15 to $17 range. At these prices, Foundations collectibles are perfect for collecting or for giving (or getting!) as gifts.

If you’re intrigued by Foundations angles, surf the internet to get a good idea of what they look like. You’ll quickly understand why they appeal to so many collectors. On the internet, you can take as long as you want to visit various sites and look at all the different designs of Foundations collectibles—these stores never close! Take your time and choose your favorite. Most internet sites will ship to your door. While you’re waiting for your treasure to arrive, you can continue shopping and pondering your next favorite. It will be a hard choice—they are all such perfect angels.

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