Glass Vases

Glass vases are not hard to come by —if you shop your local department stores, gift boutiques and even yard sales, there are always a great variety of vases to choose from. The problem is that most of them are not particularly nice.

Moulded from low quality glass and mass produced, they simply lack sparkle and originality. Fortunately, two things have changed the way we shop for glassware and other collectibles: a vast expansion in products designed for collectors, and internet shopping.

If you’ve browsed the internet at all for vases, you’ll already know that the selection is already as great, or greater, than what you would find in your local shops. The difference is that you can find them in a particular style or by a particular artist in minutes.

You can search specifically for cylinder vases, floral vases, bud vases, square vases, or virtually any variation that you can think of —and some of the pieces that you will find are much more appealing and original than those carried by big box stores or even smaller gift shops.

If you’re searching for a vase made of glass that will be a real conversation piece, have a look at the charming creations of Rosina Wachtmeister. Artist of cats, Rosina Wachtmeister’s designs have been put on plates, bowls, candleholders, vases, and many other beautiful decorator pieces for the home.

Collectors have lots to choose from here – whether you collect Rosina Wachtmeister art, cat decorations, or vases, it’s worth surfing the internet for retailers that carry her products. Vases generally depict one or two cats with flowers as a backdrop on a tall thin vase that looks like classic cylinder vases, but with a gently curled lip at the top.

Fenton glass also has some original variations on the cylinder theme for those who like cylinder vases. Imagine a blue triangular vase, straight and tall, with a sailboat, gulls, and clouds patterned into the glass. That’s “Sail Away Indigo Blue.” Or a slightly flared vase in carnival glass, with a raised peacock pattern: “Green Carnival Peacock.” All the Fenton glass vases are beautiful pieces of art that would look wonderful in any tasteful home.

Of course, there are other makers of fine glassware that you should pay a virtual visit to while surfing for a glass vase. Some of the nicest, and often the ones that are the least expensive, may be found on the secondary market. If you search for Caithness vases, you will find a number of them advertised on sites like eBay —crystal glass pieces reminiscent of Caithness’ imaginative and famous paperweights.

Caithness glass pieces have delicate and intricate designs and come in various shapes, from the familiar hourglass shape to cylinder vases and bud vases. You may be able to pick one up for less than $15US plus shipping.

Of course, some artists produce pieces that are not made of glass. Consider vases made of other materials such as porcelain, copper and resin, ceramic, and even stone —all can be fashioned into unique pieces of art that will tempt the glass vase collector to stray a little bit.

Look at the “Blooming Wild Tall Tree” vase by Karen Hahn, an earthy looking piece made of stone resin and copper. Sold by Enesco, this is part of the Blooming Wild cherished collective line —it would look great paired with glass cylinder vases.

Clearly the internet is the right place to look for vases. In terms of both variety and price, this is where you’ll find the best. Why run around to shops when you can look for variety and bargains and choose your favorite glass vase on line? The internet is the ultimate in shopping for today’s collectors.

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