Halcyon Days Christmas Box

Collectibles like the Halcyon Days Christmas box remind us of days of peace and tranquility that we all dream of over the holidays.

In ancient Greek legend, the alcyon, a kingfisher, nested on the ocean just before the winter solstice, charming the waves to keep the surface calm. Today, one of the prevalent themes of Christmas, following immediately after the winter solstice, is peace on earth. Tranquility and beauty, peace and happiness —it all ties together.

If you could tie it up with a ribbon and put it in a box, there would be no better choice than a box from the Halcyon Days enamels collection. These collectible treasures are craftsmanship and art at their finest. The annual Christmas box is always beautifully designed, but there are many other boxes to choose from: dated anniversary and birthday boxes, botanical designs, Chinese zodiac boxes, children’s boxes, and more. All are elegant enamel boxes with colorful finishes. Some are trimmed or highlighted with real gold.

The range of Halcyon Days enamels includes more than boxes. Collectors can choose from flower arrangements of enamel and porcelain, stylish cufflinks for gentlemen, a line of porcelain and enamel bonbonniere figurines, clocks, and small accessories such as small mirrors for ladies purses and perfume atomizers. While the designs are elegant and the craftsmanship excellent, these items, like the Christmas box, are popular mainly because of the beautiful artwork that they display.

The 2007 dated Halcyon Days Christmas box has a Victorian theme: on the lid, skaters in warm clothing enjoy the ice under a gentle snowfall, while others skate and sled around the sides and on the inside of the lid. Trim of gold and borders of royal blue highlight the dreamy winter scenes.

Other designs faithfully reproduce the work of famous artists or depict familiar scenes and characters. Some Halcyon Days enamels are just beautiful floral illustrations, some recall beloved fairy tales, some display inspirational messages or famous quotes. Whatever your preference, you find Halcyon Days pieces that you love.

Browse the internet to familiarize yourself with Halcyon Days enamels. A number of retail sites carry these collectibles—many are in the UK, where the line is produced, but US distributors do carry the products. Pieces are also available on the secondary market, on eBay and other sites, so it’s possible to find a dated Halcyon Days Christmas Box from another year even if it is not available new. Spending a little time exploring both new and secondary sites will give you a good idea of what’s available.

The Halcyon Days Christmas box is a quality collector’s item, and its price reflects its high value —value that will only appreciate with time. It is sure to become a family treasure for all those who collect it or receive it as a gift. Retail sites offer the box for between $180 and $225. Tax may be applicable though, in many cases, shipping is free. Other Halcyon Days enamels sell for both higher and lower prices. Cufflinks sell for about $100 dollars, boxes, musicals and clocks sell for about $120 and up. The beautiful London River Scenes Chronometer is worth more than $500.

One thing is clear: these collectibles are an investment that will lose neither value nor beauty as the years pass.

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