Harry Potter Collectibles & Figurines

Harry Potter collectibles are a natural and welcome result of the collective enthusiasm for the series of Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling.

The story of Harry Potter, an adolescent magician with a troubled background, has captured the imaginations of millions. His world overflows with the kinds of things we don’t get in everyday life —monstrous conflicts and utterly magical solutions. Ah! to own a magical wand, a sculpture of Fawkes the phoenix, or a “time turner” would make us feel closer to that magical world. For J. K. Rowlings fans, it’s good news that high quality wonderfully realistic collectibles have been produced to fulfill those dreams.

The young wizard Harry Potter himself and other characters from the stories are featured in a wide range of figurines – mini figurines, soft stuffed characters, action figures and Christmas ornaments. You can get a three inch figurine of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Hagrid, or even the fearsome three-headed dog Fluffy.

Younger collectors will probably prefer the official action figures —collect all the characters, good and evil and many of the creatures. Some of the figures come with accessories such as wands, potion bottles, and medallions. You can even get an invisibility cloak to complete your set of Harry Potter collectible action figures.

Adult fans and dreamers will love the figurines made for Christmas decorating (Kurt S. Adler has designed five beautiful Polonaise ornaments depicting Harry and his friends), the lithographs by Mary GrandPre, artist for the books, and the beautifully illustrated wall calendars produced each year.

Indeed, there is no end to the range of Harry Potter collectible items available; if you’re a fan of the stories, you’ll find something that appeals. Musicians can even get the sheet music from the movie scores!

The wide range of collectibles makes it difficult to take in everything that’s available. Though many shops carry the products none carry the whole range, and figurines, particularly the Harry Potter action figures may be difficult to get due to their popularity and high demand.

The obvious solution is internet shopping: it’s a simple matter to browse the various authorized internet sites to see what’s available, saving a lot of time and aggravation. If one site does not have the item you want, keep surfing: another site will probably have it. When you find it order it and pay with a credit card. It’s the ultimate in convenience for collectors.

Prices for Harry Potter collectible items vary widely depending on the product line, artist, and retailer. Among the best sellers you’ll find wall calendars for as little as $11, collectible wands for $30 to $40, Hermione’s time turner for $50, and a seventeen inch poseable Hermione doll for about $125.

Harry Potter resin Figurines in the “Storyteller” series have a viewer with pictures in the base. They retail for about $22 each. Action characters and creatures, made to last in the hands of active young everyday magicians start at about $20 dollars—figures with extra accessories cost more depending on what’s in the package.

One thing’s sure —Harry Potter brings out the fantasy character in all of us, and Harry Potter collectables do the same.

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