Hawthorne Village Collectibles

If you’re a collector of Hawthorne Village collectibles, you already know how these beautiful sets can lift you out of every day life and carry you off to worlds where anything is possible.

Perhaps your whimsical mood conjures up a Victorian village festooned with Christmas lights, a village of snow angels, a shiny train chugging through a snowy wilderness, or even an Elvis Presley village. Your imagination and the Hawthorne Village artists can take you there.

A favorite in the Hawthorne Village gifts collection, The Snow Angels Holiday Village is a cluster of buildings festooned with deep fluffy snow. Detailed indoor scenes are visible through the brightly lit windows and a forest of glistening trees stands silent in the background. Happy glistening angels inhabit the buildings and streets, undeterred by the deep snow. Like other Hawthorne Village items these pieces are carefully crafted works of art, delightful to look at and ready to decorate any shelf or mantelpiece.

Many of the Hawthorne Village collectibles sets have a Christmas theme. The Snow Angels Holiday Village is decorated for Christmas but would look perfect in any home all winter long. There are also lighted decorative Christmas trees and wreaths, a tabletop village that makes a perfect centerpiece, a Nightmare Before Christmas Village, even a Christmas Carnival Hawthorne Village gifts collection. Indeed, there are so many different sets with a Christmas theme that you’re unlikely to find anyone else with the same one that you are collecting.

Trains are another popular theme for Hawthorne Village collectibles. Real train sets that run on miniature tracks, they include the Wings of Majesty Express, featuring the wildlife art of Ted Blaylock; the Amazing Spiderman Express with the amazing Spiderman on the roof (of course); the Rudolph’s Christmas Town Express, loaded down with Christmas gifts for excited children, and many others. Each train has special features like glowing windows, a headlight that works, track to run on, and —a given in all Hawthorne Village gifts— exquisite workmanship.

Of course there are lots of other themes for villages, train sets, and other decorative ensembles, and the artists that create Hawthorne Village collectibles don’t lack for imagination. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Wizard of Oz, Noah’s Ark, and many other themes have provided inspiration. For collectors, it’s a matter of browsing Hawthorne Village items on the internet to find the one they like the best.

Some of these collections are quite large and most can be acquired by subscription: you can get the pieces slowly, one at a time, and space the expense out to make it more affordable. This way, you know that in the end, you are sure to get the whole set. Even when there is only one piece, it can often be paid for in installments.

Hawthorne Village gifts and collectibles are surprisingly inexpensive, considering their popularity and the excellent craftsmanship that goes into their production. Popular single pieces like the Thomas Kincade Nativity Tree usually retail for about $135 and up, while sets are issued one piece at a time, for $40 an issue or more. Even these payments can be broken down into installments to make the purchase easier.

To see the range of collections and prices, visit some of the numerous retail internet sites that carry Hawthorne Village collectibles. You can choose your favorite, comparison shop, order, and pay for it, all on the internet.

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