Herrington Teddy Bears

It’s a fact that, among the collectible bears, Herrington Teddy Bears are quite unique. Not only are they limited editions bears, they are bears that represent specific companies and organizations —maybe your favorite restaurant or even your own company. They are charming, lovable collectibles and keepsakes.

The first bear was created by Chris Herrington in 1985. When he designed the bear for a waitress he particularly liked, a co-worker at the Cheesecake factory on Marina del Rey, California, he had no idea that a teddy bear star was born. The waitress liked the bear so much that she put it on display in the restaurant, and patrons liked it so much that they wanted their own. Chris Herrington soon found himself in the business of producing Teddy Bears for more and more people.

Like any good idea, word of the Herrington bears spread. The bears continued to attract attention at the Cheesecake Factory, but soon there were bears at the Hard Rock Café, bears at Giorgio perfumes, even bears at Mercedes Benz! When you meet a Herrington teddy bear, you’ll always know where it came from: the name of the company will be embroidered on its clothing.

In keeping with the personalized approach of the Herrington bears, you can now design your own. It can be personal in a literal way —a bear just for you alone— or it can be created for your company, team, or organization. You can choose from beanbag bears, about 8 inches tall, in your chosen color, and theme, and with embroidery messages chosen by you, or go for a jointed plush Herrington teddy bear, 10, 14, or 18 inches high. When you design a plush bear, you can choose the material, clothing, size and, of course, embroidery message.

The only places to get teddy bears by Herrington are from the company itself, from one of the partners that have their own designated bears —now including companies such as Cartier, Tavern on the Green, the University Notre Dame, and many others—or on the secondary market. This makes these bears great collectibles, like memorabilia from favorite places or a group of unique individuals, each with its own story. Chris Herrington thinks of them as “ambassadors of friendship” and he must be right —what better way to remember special places, people and events in your life.

Herrington teddies are not expensive. If you design your own and buy it in bulk for use in your company, you’ll pay as little as $5.99 for each bean bag bear, and from about $10.99 and up for a plush jointed design. Companies may sell their signature bears for under $15, but prices vary widely, both from the company and on the secondary market —so if you’re collecting them from different places, you’ll have fun searching for great Herrington teddies at great prices.

The internet is a great place to start searching. Visit the Herrington Teddy Bear website and then see which bears you can find at various partner websites and on sites such as eBay. Soon you’ll be deciding who to invite to your teddy bear’s picnic.

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