Homco Figurines

Homco figurines are little bears, all dressed up, children engaged in all kinds of activities, detailed statuettes of various animals, and nativity recreations.

Homco was a recognized maker of fine porcelain decorative pieces, as well as other accents for home decor. Items such as sconces and candle holders, wood carvings and elegant things for the table come in a wide and unique variety of styles; even pictures had the same look of quality, but it was the porcelain figurines that epitomize the Homco name. In 2008, the company was acquired by Penny and Steve Carlile's company Celebrating Home that is based around the same Christian-oriented, direct sales scheme.

Nativity Homco Figurines

Homco nativity sets have captured the hearts of many, and collectors vie for these on the secondary market. Choose from a circle of children gathered round a cradle, a nativity scene made up entirely of the famous Homco bears, or go for a more traditional set depicting Mary and Joseph, the baby lying in the manger, the three wise men, and stable animals, all beautifully recreated by Homco. Originally, these nativities came as boxed sets, but today, individual figurines are sometimes sold separately, so a collection can be put together over a period of time, a feature appealing to many collectors.

The wide variety of Homco nativity sets that have been created attests to the endless creativity of Homco artists. There are sets with only one piece —a porcelain base holding several figures standing beside a cradle holding the holy child. Others have six, eight, even eleven Homco figurines representing the holy family, the wise men, sheep and other animals, and angels. The pieces stand separately and can be arranged to suit your taste and decor. Some of these sets are so small that an avid collector could easily display a number of them in different parts of the house, or display them in turn.

Homco Bear Figurines

Other popular lines in Homco figurines include porcelain bears with personality, and children depicted doing all the things that children do: playing at cowboys and cowgirls, sword fighting, playing sports, even sheltering under an umbrella. Some are dynamic free-standing creations, like most of the Homco nativity sets, while others are incorporated into wall plaques and other decorations. The bears aren’t just bears —they have a job to do like all of us. They are firemen, doctors and bakers; they read books and play sports. And they are all faithfully reproduced creative pieces in porcelain.

Many Homco bear figurines were limited edition collectibles to begin with, and now they enjoy brisk trading on secondhand markets such as eBay. Collectors can search eBay vendors to find pieces that will fit well with their collections, or rare pieces that are hard to find. Even Homco nativity sets can be obtained for just a few dollars plus shipping, while many other Homco items are available for under $30.

This is a line of collectibles for the collector who likes the thrill of the hunt and the intrigue of not knowing exactly what you’re going to find. One thing’s for sure: you can visit more dusty attics and magical second hand stores in a morning on the internet than you can in your own neighborhood.

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