John Deere Collectibles & Toys

John Deere collectibles are mementos of an American icon, a famous inventor of quality farming tools and farm machinery for a great agricultural nation.

Little did John Deere know when he started out as a blacksmith apprentice in 1821, that he would revolutionize farming technology and found a company that would go on proudly bearing his name for generations. When the young Deere combined his blacksmith training, his knowledge of tailoring acquired from his father, and his keen inquisitive mind to the challenges of tilling the earth, he had a good thing going.

Today, the United States is still a great agricultural nation, and collectibles bearing the Deere name, even John Deere toys for children, sell as well or better than the farming equipment manufactured by his company. The name is so well known and respected that there are books about the man and his company; collectors clubs trade in John Deere collectibles; auctions are run solely to sell and trade them; and people seek out original pieces for restoration as well as quality reproductions. Amazingly, Deere probably has a bigger following today than he did when he was alive.

John Deere toys include balers, grain drills, augers, wagons, and tractors, tractors, tractors. Kids can collect a host of different tractors, as well as tractor accessories. They can branch out to four wheel vehicles, including ATVs and construction vehicles too —almost anything the company has made is available as a miniature toy. These items are appealing to a lot of older fans of John Deere collectibles as well, though serious older collectors might be more interested in the replicas of antiques—some of the oldest models, carefully reproduced.

John Deere toys aren’t the only products meant to appeal to the younger collector. The name also appears on a whole line of clothing, a collection of birthday figurines for age one through five, and other items like piggy banks and a monopoly game. For adults who like figurines and decorative villages, John Deere collectibles include these too, plus Christmas decorations, coaster sets, mugs, and pictures. There is a memento with the John Deere name on it for every taste.

John Deere collectibles come in a wide range of sizes and prices. Many of the precision miniatures retail for $100US and up, while smaller items such as mugs, hats and the Monopoly game are available for under $30. The birthday figurines for preschoolers retail for about $25 on some sites, and many of the John Deere toys are available for about the same price. Decorations, such as the John Deere Christmas Wreath, decorated with winter farming scenes including jolly old Santa riding on a tractor, are typically in the higher price range: $135 and up. There’s as much range in price as there is in style —whatever your budget, you’ll find something to fit.

Are you fascinated by farm and construction machinery and interested in the history of farming technology in America? If you admire the inventiveness and business success of this famous American, you’ll appreciate why so many people look for John Deere collectables. A lot of people search for them on the internet, where you can quickly peruse the stock of many different retailers at once.

Search for tractors, figurines, or John Deere toys; your browser will immediately take you to sites that carry these types of product. Most now have secure online shopping so you can look for what you want, make a payment, and provide shipping instructions without worry. It’s the easiest way to shop ever invented—we know John Deere would approve.

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