Just The Right Shoe

Women who love to put an ensemble together look for just the right shoe to make an outfit complete for a special occasion.

This is the idea behind the popular JTRS line of collectible ceramic miniature shoes designed by Raine. Perfect little shoes, they mirror the creativity and ever-changing world of shoe style, either ahead of today’s fashions or elegantly illustrating beloved shoe styles of yesterday.

They reflect the variety of colors, patterns, and shapes that make the world a beautiful place. Raine’s creations have been acknowledged with awards a number of times, including Artist of the Year from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers.

Just the Right Shoe by Raine pieces are the creations of an artist fascinated by shoes. Raine began designing shoes as miniature collectibles in 1998, creating 18 original pieces and enjoyed quick recognition from both others in the industry and collectors themselves. She has added new designs each year since then, and has turned her artistic talents to creating replicas of classic shoes from the 18th and 19th centuries, and a whole collection form the 20th century —women in every period in history sought just the right shoe. Raine’s shoes are exquisitely detailed and measure about four inches —just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand.

2004 saw the debut of the Just-the-Right-Shoe Dynasty design. The very first JTRS enameled metal shoe was a delicate black sandal with yellow flowers cascading down the insole from the heel toward the toe. A beautiful leaf graces the ankle strap and all the upper parts of the shoe are lined with 24 karat gold. It’s a stunningly beautiful shoe that every woman with an eye for shoes would love to own. Released as a Premier Dealer Exclusive, this shoe is the pinnacle of the JTRS collection. Most collectors can only dream of owning a real pair of shoes lined with gold!

Any collector, however, can own a piece of footwear art from Just-the-Right-Shoe by Raine. Most of the collection is very affordably priced starting at about $15. “Fall Sensation” for instance, is a beautiful high heeled shoe with an open toe, designed in fall colors. A leaf pattern decorates the insole and there are two leaves inside the crystal clear heel that appear to float in air. Is there a real shoe like it anywhere? It retails for around $17. Limited editions and exclusives are more expensive, ranging up to around a hundred dollars, with the beautiful JTRS Dynasty piece still available for around $105.

To get a really good idea of the amazing range in the designs in JTRS by Raine, browse internet sites of retailers that carry the collectibles. You’ll find historic pieces, baby shoes, sandals, boots, even ski boots and Christmas, birthday and other special day designs.

Each shoe comes with a miniature shoebox stamped with the company logo and a certificate of authenticity. You can purchase a piece on the internet as well and have it shipped to your home. These shoes are so well packaged that you can feel confident that even Just the Right Shoe Dynasty will arrive intact —and these shoes will never wear out.

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