Kinder Eggs

Kinder eggs, also known as Kinder Surprise Eggs, are chocolate egg shaped candies that contain a toy inside. The toys are chosen from a pool of thousands, and each of them is unique.

Kinder Surprises were born back in 1974 in Italy. The toys are designed by a number of engineers, designers, and even guest designers like French artist Andre Rouche. The egg itself, made by a company called Ferrero, is a layer of dark chocolate on the outside and then a layer of white chocolate on the inside against the plastic capsule that contains the surprise. The entire candy is wrapped in a nice looking orange and white aluminum foil wrapper.

USA Kinder Eggs are, as a rule, lesser knock-offs. The FDA has banned the toys inside due to safety issues as well as regulations which forbid non-food products inside a food shell. Though they can be found in certain stores, the best way to get Kinder Surprise Eggs in the United States is through the internet, where you can order from just about any country you like. Even though it is illegal to sell them in the US, the FDA allows for the shipment of FDA banned foods for personal use.

Kinder Surprise Eggs have, in recent years, become not only a part of the black market, but also part of a thriving collector’s market. Collectors seek the unique toys that are found in the eggs. This is especially true with German Kinder Surprise Eggs which contain higher-quality toys than those that come in the eggs of other countries. Many collectors seek a series of hand-painted figures which are allegedly in every seventh egg in Germany. In addition, seasonal figures and toys may be collected as new toys are often introduced around the holidays and near Easter.

To aid in the never-ending search that Kinder collectors engage in, you can always seek trades via the internet. Collectors online use their own websites to promote the toys they have available and are prepared to trade as a way to acquire toys. Trades are a great way to get the toys you want without going through hundreds of pieces of candy.

With the advancement of the internet, there is even a new Kinder Surprise Eggs innovation. Through certain websites you can get an “internet surprise.” In addition to the toy inside the Eggs, you will get a slip of paper with a “Magicode” on it that will allow you to play a special online game. As a rule, the marketing of Kinder Surprise Eggs is innovative and in-touch with kids.

No matter what kind of Kinder Egg you choose to collect, there are a number of resources for you. Websites and the internet offer you information on German Kinder Surprise Eggs and the unique toys they offer. There are books written on Kinder Surprise Egg toy collecting, and you can even check out many collectors’ magazines that run frequent features on Kinder Egg toy collecting. Kinder Surprise Eggs are available in over 100 countries around the world and thus the collecting of the unique toys is a global movement.

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