Kneeded Angels

Have you ever seen one of the exquisite Kneeded Angels?

A beautiful angel gazes serenely down, wrapped in a flowing white gown, a pink ribbon pinned above her heart, and a swag of beautiful flowers dropping from her right hand —she is one of them. She is “Courage.”

It’s hard to imagine a simpler or more important message —the simple messages like this that we all need to hear are the themes of the angels designed by Carol Graziano, of Pavilion Gift Company. Carol’s angels say “love,” “comfort,” “friendship” and so much more.

The angels come in a wide variety of themes, and more are added with each passing year. There are Ebony Angels, Heavenly Angels, angels with quilts and, of course, Christmas Kneeded Angels, including a nativity set starring a guardian angel.

The key feature of each special angel is the message it brings, and each is packaged with a little verse directed at a special occasion, a deeply felt sentiment, or a challenge well met. As gifts, they deliver the words that are hard to find; as collectible keepsakes, they keep memories alive and strengthen resolve. They have underlying meaning with universal appeal.

Carol Graziano designs her Angels with bread dough and water. With this medium, she is able to create figurines with soft smooth flowing lines, charming details, and surface textures that are amazingly rich. The “Serenity” angel, one of the Ebony series, has a gown with a beautiful flower pattern pressed into the cloth, and a head of thick tight black curls.

She holds a white dove in her outstretched hand. The poinsettias draped across the hands of “Spirit of Christmas,” one of the Christmas Angels, are petal-perfect and make a striking contrast with the angel’s light gown. Her fanciful wings are a shiny Christmas bow.

Carol Graziano’s collection of Christmas ornaments include seasonal characters other than Christmas angels, so collectors can put together a varied set of home decorations for the holiday. There are Christmas bears and a little Santa with a round face and a long beard. Other series stray from the angel theme as well, with figurines of bears, children, and human characters —all have the same distinctive look that makes the collection so unique, suiting every collectors' taste.

Internet shopping is the ideal way for collect many products, including these wonderful angels. Many retail internet sites provide high resolution photographs of the various pieces and some even tell you exactly what the little recipe card accompanying the piece says. You can find some favorite sites and watch them for news of brand new Christmas Kneeded Angels or other series that are of particular interest to you. You can order and pay for purchases online.

Kneeded Angels figurines have a wide price range to suit all tastes. Start small with a little keepsake for under $10, but don’t worry —even the beautiful and elaborate musical piece, “Unconditional Love,” won’t cost you much more than $50.

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