Krinkles Camel & Other Collectibles

Krinkles Camel is probably the most charming, friendly, Christmas-y camel you could ever meet. Tall and thin like a lanky teenager, he has a Christmas blanket covering his single hump and a star clinging to the end of his extra long stocking cap. Is that a feather boa around his neck or a particularly long and elegant bit of his own hair?

This adorable camel is just one of a long line of Christmas collectibles in the Krinkles line —he joins company with magi on other camels and elephants, carolers, goofy Christmas reindeer, figurines from the twelve days of Christmas and many other designs.

These Krinkles designs and smaller Mini Krinkles are the creations of Patience Brewster, a former children’s book illustrator. Already an artist with a creative flair, she turned to designing unique collectibles for Department 56 —designs that were turned in figurines, Christmas tree toppers, candle holders and other decorations.

Soon there were lovable characters like the Camel for other special days like Valentines, Easter, and Halloween. The bright, giggly style of her art is so popular that the line has been expanded to include decorated hand towels, napkins, stationery, and limited edition prints.

If your family needs new Christmas stockings, Patience Brewster’s Christmas Krinkles Stockings might be just the thing to bring smiles and laughter Christmas morning. Get a different one to suit the personality of each family member: a “Mr. Frog Stocking” and a Mrs. Frog Stocking, with their long dangly legs; a “Poinsettia Stocking” with a red blossom balanced delicately on the toe; a “Nutcracker Stocking” with a long white bread and shiny green jacket. Put in a Krinkles camel or a selection of other Krinkles products and you’ll be assured of lots of happy faces. There’s even a collection of mini Krinkles stockings to match the larger ones.

Krinkles collectibles are priced very competitively for such fine quality decorations. The large Christmas Krinkles Stockings, 22 inches long and very unique, are priced in the $40 to $55 range. Charming and full of personality, your family will never want to replace them. The little replicas, eight inch long mini Krinkles stockings are $12.50, so you can collect them all, even if you don’t have that large a family. Add Harold the Krinkles camel to your Christmas mantelpiece for about $36 or less.

If you have a lot of decorating to do for any special occasion, the Krinkles collection includes sets, like five mini flower ornaments for Easter (about $50.00) or various pairs of Halloween rats and mice, and candles and treat bowls with the same theme ($25-$60 range).

The Krinkles camel and all his friends are easy to find on the internet —many internet retailers carry some or all of the line from Department 56. Make your special occasion shopping easy and fun by browsing the various sites and enjoying the humorous and mischievous Krinkles characters before picking the ones you want to decorate your home with or give to others.

You might want a collection of mini Krinkles for every occasion, or just one special collectible for yourself. Or maybe you just want to tell a special someone which character you’d like to find in your Christmas Krinkles stocking this year!

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