Lampe Berger Home Fragrance Lamps

You step through the door and are met by an ambience that can only be Lampe Berger —a scent of pears and almonds on the warm air and a feeling of comfort and of home.

You take a deep breath and feel a lift in your mood; the sunshine pouring through the windows looks suddenly a little brighter; the rooms seem cozier and more welcoming. There’s just nothing like an instantly pleasing scent to complete the atmosphere of tasteful surroundings.

Monsieur Maurice Berger has been providing that perfect scent for generations —and it’s not just scent: the unique and beautiful lamps that release it complete the decorator package and actually purify the air.

Lampe Berger fragnance lamps began in 1898, when Parisian pharmacist Monsieur Maurice Berger started using a little bottle of perfume to purify the air in his home and to add a delicate scent. It was a novel idea that people loved and others soon started doing the same, creating an instant market for elegant little bottles filled with pleasing scents. An industry was born.

Over the years, Berger has retained a commitment to Parisian style and exquisite taste, commissioning skilled artists to design lamps that are decorator pieces, and drawing from the world famous tradition of French perfumes to create the scents.

The original Berger fragrance lamps may have been just about adding a pleasing scent to indoor air, but Monsieur was on to something bigger. His aim was actually to purify the air, making it healthier to breathe, and over the years the company has continued to focus on this aspect. An integral part of Lampe Berger home fragrance lamps is a catalytic purification system, designed and continually improved by CRC3, the company’s own research center.

Today, Berger fragrance lamps come in a variety of designs and scents to match any lifestyle. For the purely elegant, there’s Limoges Porcelain, with various designs of hummingbirds, mermaids, flowers, and fruit. For a more modern look, try a Limoges cow design, or a ceramic lamp painted with a blue rooster, or shaped like a black cat. Then choose a scent: choose from Southern Vanilla, Winterwood, Atlantic Tide, or any of thirty-seven others —scents come in 500ml and 1000ml bottles. Whatever your home décor, one of the Berger fragnance lamps, with just the right scent, will complement it perfectly.

The fragrance lamps are high end decorator art pieces, functional as home accents, air purifiers, and fragrances. Not for the department store collectors market, they start at around $100 US, with most designs in the $100 to $160 dollar range —a reasonable price for a functional and beautiful decorator piece for an elegant home.

Signature Berger home fragrance lamps are valued much higher and can cost well over $2000 for the discerning collector with decorating dollars to spend.

Monsieur Maurice Berger would probably be amazed at how his company has grown. Company offices now sell Berger fragrance lamps in many countries around the world, and they can also be purchased from retail outlets on the internet.

What once required a trip to Paris can now be accomplished in the comfort of your own home – Lampe Berger home fragrance lamps can be purchased by almost anyone, almost any where. If you don’t have one yet, start browsing: you’ll have one soon.

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