Lena Liu Collectibles

Admirers of Lena Liu collectibles are people who love flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, sunny days, and daydreams of a world where everything is bright and beautiful.

Like a good fairytale, Lena Liu’s art takes us out of our everyday mundane existence and surrounds us with the perfection of Shangri-La, paradise on earth. And, her artworks come is such a vast array of different products that any home décor can make room for Lena Liu.

Decorative Lena Liu plates are among the most popular examples of her art, and no wonder – Lena Liu has been inducted into the Bradford Exchange Plate Artist Hall of Fame and she has her own Bradford Exchange shop on the internet.

Her beautiful plates, like her other work, showcase fabulous landscapes overflowing with life – hummingbirds are frequently seen in her painting; butterflies flit from flower to flower, and flowering vines cling and climb on columns, arches, and romantic architecture. Like all Lena Liu collectibles, the plates are full of color, mostly muted gentle shades that add to the feeling of peace her art inspires.

Lena Liu’s Bradford Exchange Shop, and other internet sites, don’t sell just Lena Liu plates. You’ll find figurines (angels, and ladies dressed in flowing gowns), ornaments, including Christmas tree ornaments, sculptures, music boxes, tapestries and pillows, greeting cards, wall canvas, and many other decorative things. There’s almost no end to the variety of Lena Liu products. Collectors of this lovely artwork will never run out of possibilities for additions to a valuable collection.

Some Lena Liu collectables are automatically more valuable because they are limited edition: only a limited number are ever produced and once these are sold, they can only be obtained on the secondary market. This artist has produced limited edition prints, decorative tiles, Lena Liu plates and many other items. For the avid collector, this just adds to the fun —a search for a particular piece can take time and ingenuity. Finding the coveted price for the right price holds a special thrill all its own.

Being true art reproductions, Lena Liu collectible artistry command a fairly high retail price on the collectibles market. Very small pieces are available for under $30, and prices for larger pieces go up from there. Many Lena Liu plates sold by the Bradford Exchange, most of them seven to ten inches wide, sell for $30 to $40; lamps, musical pieces, and accent pillows can cost well over a hundred dollars. The reward is, of course, that these collectibles never lose their value and may even gain value over time as they become rare and available only on the secondary market.

There’s no better place to search for Lena Liu plates and other artwork than on the internet. Shopping in your own community at novelty stores and second hand stores may turn up a number of pieces, but the range you will find that way is dwarfed by the selection on internet retail stores and trading sites.

You can not only find pieces you are looking for, you can research the range of Lena Liu collectibles available to decide what you want to collect. With the speed and efficiency of internet shopping today, it would be foolhardy to do it any other way.

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