Lenox Figurines

Lenox figurines have captured the imagination of collectors for generations. Starting out as exclusive décor in high end shops and growing to be attainable on almost any budget, the creations of the company have proven to have timeless appeal. From cartoon icons such as Mickey Mouse to beautiful holiday sculptures, the brand will continue to be a favorite for many years to come.

The Lenox Ceramic Art Company

Since 1889 the company has produced Lenox collections that owners have proudly displayed in their curio cabinets and on their mantles. Founded by Walter Scott Lenox, the Lenox's Ceramic Art Company's original 18 employees quickly gained popularity for their handmade artistic creations.

By 1907, the company's name had changed to Lenox Inc., had some of its pieces featured in the Smithsonian Institute and broadened its inventory to include fine dining items. The company's status only continued to grow over the last century and is still held in the highest esteem among collectors today. The newest releases of figurines are consistently doing well, while many determined enthusiasts are always searching for the older pieces.

Discontinued Lenox figurines

Lenox retired SnowbabyLenox retired Snowbaby

Discontinued Lenox figurines are a hot commodity for any collector. Some of the more popular ones include pieces from the Lenox collections of Snowbabies, Krinkles, Department 56 Villages and Fenton. As in other collectibles, the going price at any given time for discontinued items depends upon who's looking to buy them. Though nothing is ever certain, the longstanding popularity of the company is a good indication that there will always be a healthy market for its creations.

Looking for Lenox collectibles?

Starting your own Lenox collection is simple. They can be found in many stores and there is an unlimited amount of information online as well, including the company's official website where you can order your collectibles directly from the comfort of your home. It offers pricing information, as well as pictures of all accessible items.

Sites of interest are also available. A wealth of places where you can interact with fellow collectors, find the best prices and research pieces before you buy them. The internet is also your greatest resource to find one of the rare discontinued figurines that finish off your collection or browse through the large variety of collectibles that the company has to offer. Keeping up-to-date on specials, such as limited editions or upcoming annual releases, is also easily done by surfing the web.

Lenox figurineLenox figurine

A Lenox masterpiece for everyone

Lenox Limited Edition FigurineLenox Limited Edition Figurine

Whether you are a hobbyist wanting to start one of your own Lenox collections that can be passed down or an investor looking for appreciation value, you will find that both new and discontinued items will satisfy the expectations of the most discriminate of collectors. From ceramic Disney characters and garden birds to little angels playing in the snow and elegant themed glass, Lenox figurines will continue to delight the young, the young at heart and everyone in-between. There is something for everyone in the land of Lenox.

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