Lighthouse Collectibles

Few things capture the tradition of a maritime nation like lighthouse collectibles do. Especially for the millions of people who live near the coast, the lighthouse symbolizes so many things: a history of seafarers and explorers, a rich tradition of fisheries, the beauty, power and mysteriousness of the oceans, the safe return of loved ones from a sea voyage, warmth and safety at the end of our own travels. Works of art in themselves, lighthouses honor the natural awesome majesty of the vast waters of the earth.

Collectible lighthouses are popular decorations and have been for many years. Today, however lighthouses are depicted in many other decorative and useful household items: stationery, calendars, badges, posters, playing cards, and even salt and pepper shakers display lighthouse designs. We raise a glass with a lighthouse on the side, send postcards showing beautiful lighthouses and use bookmarks on which these tall thin structures fit perfectly. Lighthouse collectibles remind us of familiar coastlines, holidays by the seaside, and maybe even maritime ghost stories set in the sometimes wild and lonely places where lighthouses watch over the waves.

Lots of collections start small —a lighthouse magnet for the fridge or a set of miniature ornaments for the Christmas tree, a wind chime, a coffee mug, a lapel pin. It may depict a familiar scene —many producers of collectible lighthouses make accurate replicas of real lighthouses that used to guide approaching ships and may still be standing today. It’s always fun to seek out reproductions of buildings that you’re familiar with, or which have particular meaning for your community, and this can form the basis of a collection unique to you.

Soon you’ll be looking out for larger lighthouse collectibles to go with what you already have. Use them to create a delightful nautical décor in a particular room or place them artfully around your home. Because they mean so much, you’ll never tire of looking at them.

Coming in endless variety and produced by different artists, lighthouse collectibles come in a wide price range. You can buy smaller items for just a few dollars, beautiful miniature lighthouses for under $20, and even good quality larger replicas for $50 and up. For the big spender, there are handmade pieces or yard replicas that stand six feet tall or more. For unique collectible lighthouses, browse secondhand and antique stores, and internet trading sites. There are lots of treasures there.

For serious collectors, the internet really is an ideal marketplace. In just a brief period of time you can visit many different sites and get an idea of the endless variety of collectible lighthouses available. Or, you can search for something quite specific and find it much more easily than you would if you went shopping on foot. Search for a particular artist’s name, a brand name, or a particular material such as pewter or crystal, along with “lighthouse” and you are almost certain to get good results.

Internet shopping is so fast and easy now that even traditional retail stores are getting into it—today, you needn’t go out into the world to acquire nostalgic collectible lighthouses that make you feel so warm and safe at home.

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