Longaberger Baskets & Pottery

The story of Longaberger baskets, produced by The Longaberger Company, began in 1919 in the Dresden basket factory, where J. W. Longaberger learned the art of basket weaving.

While baskets today tend to be mainly decorative, in those days they were everyday items, everyone used them and the business of making them was lucrative and busy. Before J.W.’s career was over, the Dresden basket factory closed, but not before he’d learned everything about basket making and developed his own distinctive style. He took his skills with him and taught them to his children.

One of J.W.’s sons, Dave Longaberger, a hard worker and a savvy entrepreneur, was to take his fathers skills and found a business that would eventually sell other products such as the popular Longaberger baker’s rack and many other designs in wrought iron and pottery. Dave founded J.W.’s Handwoven Baskets in Dresden Ohio in 1976. The company started marketing their baskets directly two years later, and Dave’s daughter Tami brought a third generation of Longabergers and Longaberger baskets to the growing company.

Tami eventually took over from her father, and it was she who saw the potential for Longaberger pottery, wrought iron designs and many pleasing combinations of quality baskets, pottery and wrought iron.

The creative possibilities are endless: baskets can hold pottery, pottery can be lined with baskets, pottery and Longaberger baskets look beautiful on wrought iron shelves and racks, and all three styles arranged separately complement each other as though they’ve always been together. Designs like the Longaberger bakers rack have been specifically designed to showcase pottery and basketry products.

Today, Longaberger baskets come in an endless variety of designs for every use. Find a basket to keep your magazines or knitting in, a bowl basket for rolls, a unique handbag, a backpack, a tote. The quality craftsmanship and sturdy design of these products is legendary and a feature that the company still works hard to preserve. Complement your kitchen basketry with Longaberger pottery: place settings, casseroles, pitchers, baking dishes, crocks and decorative bowls.

Display them both on artistically and traditionally designed works of wrought iron: choose from the Longaberger baker’s rack, stack racks, bookshelves, and wall racks. There are even wrought iron pieces for the table such as the two-pie server, and the wrought iron napkin holder. All of these pieces are designed to go well together, and they do.

Longaberger products are priced to compete favorably with other fine collectable decorations and accessories, with all the advantages of buying direct on the internet. Longaberger pottery includes three different patterns: twelve-piece dinnerware sets start at just over $200; serving bowls, platters, casseroles, vases and other accessories range from $40 up.

Longaberger baskets, of course, come in many different shapes, sizes and prices, most from about $30 and up. Complement them with wrought iron, such as the Longaberger baker’s rack for about $80, or the narrow wall rack for around $50.

There’s no need to search through your local china, gift, and home décor outlets for Longaberger. These products are all available via internet shopping. Visit internet retail sites to view the Longaberger baker’s rack and to see the patterns in Longaberger pottery. You can view and purchase these items online in a safe secure shopping environment, and merchants will ship directly to your home.

Buying Longaberger products is far easier today than it was in the early 1900s when Dave Longaberger followed his dream and created a successful company.

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