Marine Corps Collectables & Gifts

United States Marine Corps collectables are treasures to so many patriotic Americans: present and past members of the Marine Corps, their close family and friends, and all the American citizens who understand the vital role that the Marine Corps play in homeland security.

It’s small wonder that mementos and souvenirs celebrating the Corps are plentiful and varied. The collector can choose from so many different styles that a choice may be difficult – but there are a few themes that reappear again and again.

The Marine Corps insignia, depicting an eagle, a globe, and a fouled anchor is a common theme in Marine Corps gifts. This design first appeared in 1868, and was designed by General Zelin, the 7th Commandant. The globe was a variation on the globe used in the insignia of the Royal Marines —the United States globe showed the western hemisphere while the globe used by the Royal Marines showed the eastern hemisphere.

The eagle and the fouled anchor were added to signify the United States and the marine tradition of the corps respectively. An attractive insignia for the marines, the design also makes an artistic and meaningful theme for Marine Corps collectables.

Other Marine Corp gifts use the well known mascot of the marines —an English bulldog. The tradition dates back to World War I, when the German media compared United States marines to “devil dogs,” the fabled vicious mountain dogs of Bavaria. Unwittingly, they created a new tradition and ultimately a theme for Marine Corps collectables. The “devil dogs” got changed to English bulldogs wearing helmets in Marine Corps posters, and both live and symbolic English bulldogs became the unofficial mascots of the corps. Today, some of the best loved bulldogs through corps history are depicted in patches, figurines, artwork, jewelry, and many other types of Marine Corps gifts.

You can probably think of lots of other common themes for Marine Corps collectibles —flags, war memorial art, other styles of insignia, seals, weapons, emblems— if you can think of it you’re almost sure to find that creators of Marine Corp gifts have thought of it too. Indeed there is no shortage of iconic themes that provoke a strong emotional response in those that value the Marine Corps culture and its function in United States defense and security. There are whole internet websites devoted entirely to selling these gifts to collectors.

To easily find some of these focused web sites, just Google USMC collectibles or Marine Corps Collectables. You will soon be browsing through pages of apparel, accessories, knives and sculpture, home décor, flags and even books, all of which focus on the corps and make wonderful Marine Corps gifts. Most websites are secure and allow quick easy payment by credit card. Others also accept personal checks.

Virtually all will immediately ship Marine Corp gifts directly to you once your order is received. It’s the most convenient modern way to shop for special things like this.

Marine Corps collectables, of course, come in a wide range of quality and prices. Your own taste and budget will guide you with respect to what you choose to collect or give to that special someone. Buy a pin for three or four dollars, a polished walnut replica of the globe, eagle and anchor insignia for about $50, a Semper Fidelis ring depicting a devil dog for $100, or a painted rocking chair for a young boy for $150. What you want is out there—pursue it with the tenacity of a devil dog and you will surely find it.

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