Marys Moo Moos

Charming, silly, and cow-lectible, Marys Moo Moos are a collection of figurines and giftware like no other. These little cows with their floppy ears and endearing expressions have a way of expressing every thing we feel in our everyday lives.

Cuddly, clowning, formal, hungry, hard working – these cows know all about life. And they come with a funny puny title to make you smile.

Designed by artist Mary Rhyner-Nadig, each Mary's Moo Moos figurine has a message and it’s usually expressed in a way only a cow – or a cow enthusiast – would dream up. Have you ever said “You’re one udderly cool moo” or “Kindness is for-heifer in your heart?” Now you can say it with Mary’s Moo Moos and always get a laugh. Whatever the occasion, Mary has certainly thought of a cow pun to add a little extra silliness.

Mary Rhyner-Nadig always loved to draw, and Mary's Moo Moos are a product of her natural talent. She perfected her skills at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After that she was ready to start creating some outstanding designs. Artistic skill combined with a great imagination soon produced unique giftware lines that made Mary a prized artist at Enesco.

The Mary Moo Moos line first began in 1994 and has expanded quickly pieces are regularly retired. Retired Mary’s Moo Moos are sold and traded actively by retailers and collectors – they’ve become desirable collector pieces.

The Mary’s Moo Moos line includes a number of different themes. There are country wedding cows and country fair cows, and a whole line of John Deere cows for the farming or tractor buff. There are Christmas figurines and Christmas cow tree ornaments, many of them already retired Mary’s Moo Moos. There’s a cow for every month of the year, and a whole line of lidded jars with a Mary Moo Moos cow perched on top and a message printed on the side.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for collectors of giftware themes and figurines. Like many Enesco products, Mary’s Moo Moos are sold and traded worldwide over the internet.

Internet sites advertise retired Marys Moo Moos and limited edition pieces, and frequently offer their stock at sale prices. Collector’s clubs report the latest cow news to their members, have contests, and help people find the Mary Moo Moos that they most want.

Mary’s Moo Moos are competitively priced for collectibles of this size. Most newer pieces retail for around $15 to $18US – larger pieces will cost a little more and smaller ones a little less. Retired figurines are often still available at original prices – the John Deere retired Marys Moo Moo figurines can be purchased on the internet at prices that range between $13 and $35US.

Many of the limited edition pieces fall within this price range as well, but collectors will want to check out some of the special pieces - the large cow family grouping “Cow-memorating Ten Happy Years” is an impressive tenth anniversary limited commemorative edition. It costs around $80US.

Want one of Mary’s cows? Whatever your budget, there’s a charming humorous cow waiting to be the first in your Marys Moo Moos cow-lection.

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