My Little Kitchen Fairies

My Little Kitchen Fairies – childlike fairy figurines with an affinity for food preparation and other pleasant domestic chores – are perfect collectible decorations for the kitchen, the heart of any home.

They’ll steal into your heart and into your cupboards. If you suspect that some little imp is rearranging your silverware or sleeping in your teacups, don’t be concerned: no doubt it’s a kitchen fairy from Enesco.

My Little Kitchen fairies are created for Enesco by GG Santiago, renowned artist and recipient of an Award of Excellence from Collector Editions magazine. GG Santiago, illustrator and sculptor, has designed a number of collectible lines but with her first My-Little-Kitchen-Fairy, she struck a cord that has truly made her a household name with collectors. These impish little figurines are a complete success.

Figurines in the collection are made from stone resin and have acrylic wings. They are quite small, as fairies usually are – usually about three to five inches high. Some are part of a larger piece, like a cookie jar or a paper towel holder. The Salt and Pepper Holder My-Little-Kitchen-Fairy sits atop the handle of a little basket holding glass salt and pepper shakers. She looks innocent enough, but will she make you spill the salt?

The impish character of the collection is an important part of their charm. The Ribbon Candy Slide Fairy sits on a rippling piece of ribbon candy, ready for a ride: is she sliding down your banisters at night? The Oven Mitt Camper Kitchen Fairy is sound asleep inside a pink and blue oven mitt with one iridescent wing poking out: will you ever dare to use your oven mitts again? Other fairies lift pretzels overhead, perch on donuts, or busily plant seeds – they are endlessly busy.

The My Little Kitchen Fairies are available from numerous internet collectibles sites, many of which offer free shipping on minimum orders. No need to go out to the malls, searching for fairies that could be hiding anywhere – meet them on the internet as you surf, enjoying their unique characters, and searching for the perfect one for your kitchen.

A typical Kitchen Fairy will cost you less than $25US plus shipping – just order and pay for it online and the retailer will make sure your fairy arrives safely in your hands.

Some vendors sell sets of Kitchen Fairies as well. A set could include five little spring fairies, holding cut flowers, doing their spring planting, or pouring this spring’s maple syrup onto pancakes. You might get all five on sale for less than $100US – a whole troop of fun little fairies to brighten your kitchen.

A larger My Little Kitchen Fairy, such as the Kitchen Fairies Paper Towel Holder retails for about $35. The cookie jar will be a little more: cookies not included – the fairies have eaten them all!

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