Partylite Candles & Fragrances

Partylite candles, fragrances, and accessories are one of the best known lines of candles on the market today. They’re probably so familiar because they’re not products that you just go and find on a department store’s shelves —they’re truly lovely products that we find out about through word of mouth, and acquire by going to parties where we meet others like ourselves. They’re memorable.

People we meet at Partylite parties are people with similar life styles and similar tastes. Their direct selling method is a great idea that just had to catch on.

What keeps it all going is the quality and appeal of the products: each Partylite candle holder is a work of art in itself. There are elegant candlesticks and delicate tea light holders, jar candles, and unique candle holders that reflect the light of one candle many times over, making it look like a whole host of candles is burning.

Shimmer lights holders for Partytlite candles scatter the light for sparkle and dazzle, and diffusers are designed so that the whole holder glows like a colored moon. When you add these creative designs to the warm peaceful appeal that candles just naturally have, you create a home accent that everyone loves.

Fragrances naturally go with candles as well: Partylite has a wide range of fragrances that can be delivered with scented wax, room sprays, sachets, or Partylite sticks or reed diffusers. The diffusers are composed of a decorative vase-style scent holder and a bundle of little reeds that wick the fragrance up out of the bottle releasing it slowly into the room air. Like the Partylite candle holders, the diffusers are elegant and look beautiful in any room.

And in many cases, you can mix and match – choose the fragrance, then decide whether you want it in an aroma melt or one of the scented candles. There’s also a line of body scents with coordinating candles for those times when you just want to relax.

The candles are made with high quality wax and natural wicks —they burn very cleanly and never give off an unpleasant odor like some cheaper waxes do. Scented candles are quality tested to ensure that they retain their scent till the very end, and the high quality wax means that candles burn for a long time. Each Partylite candle holder and every other accessory has the same quality and gets the same attention to craftsmanship.

Holders are made of good quality glass, porcelain is hand painted, and surfaces have a lacquered finish so that they will require little care. Partylite sticks, used so artfully in the diffusers, make a unique and tasteful accent for a room – they don’t even look like they have a purpose other than decoration.

Visit the Partylite site on the internet to view the whole range of candles and accessories. You can also get information about how to host your own party and earn free products. You won’t be able to test the fragrances and handle the Partylite sticks on the internet, however, and you won’t be able to examine the Partylite candles holders and other accessories up close.

Partylite knows that all of its products only look better close up, and that those who enjoy buying pretty things for the home like to meet others like themselves. That’s why, to buy Partylite products, you’re going to have to party.

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