Peter Pan Toys & Collectibles

Almost a hundred years after the book was first written, Peter Pan toys continue to be as popular as ever.

When he wrote the classic story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, J. M. Barrie surely had no idea that a hundred years later, Peter Pan toys would be part of a collectibles market worth millions of dollars. He created immortal characters: Peter pan, Wendy, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, cast them in an evergreen story that has captured the hearts of millions, and provided the seed for innumerable spin-off tales, motion pictures, games, plays and memorabilia.

Peter Pan collectible items now exist in a variety that spans all ages and walks of life. The book seems likely to never go out of print and occupies a place in every children’s library. Adults enjoy Neverland artwork, Peter Pan and Captain Hook costumes for role playing and costume parties, and Disney statuettes as decorations. For children, of course, there are innumerable toys.

When you think about it, the evergreen nature of Barrie’s story is a bit like the story itself: Peter Pan and the lost boys refused to grow up, and the fact that the story is still retold time and again seventy years after Barrie’s death means that they will never have to.

All those Peter Pan toys and other memorabilia, and the reprints of the book keep Pan and the lost boys perpetually young, reliving their adventures in Neverland. For adults who grew up with Barrie’s story, it forges a link with childhood as well. All those Peter Pan collectibles are like bits of childhood that take us back and reignite imagination and wonder.

Many people think of Peter Pan as a Disney character; however, he is much more than that —anyone serious about Peter Pan collectibles should look at other brands of products. Barrie originally bestowed the copyright of his classic to Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children’s hospital in London: the connection between Disney and Pan is a relatively recent development.

Of course, Disney’s treatment of the story has introduced a whole new interpretation of Pan to the children of the last few decades, and produced a great many Peter Pan toys, but Disney does not have a monopoly.

The internet provides the best opportunity of any to explore the selection of memorabilia available. Adults shop for Peter Pan toys for kids and for keepsakes for themselves, and they can see both types of product without having to visit different retail stores in person. With a simple search you can find whimsical artwork, captivating snowglobes, childrens’ action figures, dolls, costumes, board games and many other Peter Pan collectibles. This style of shopping also lets you get an idea of what prices you can expect to pay and allows for easy price comparisons.

There’s a wide price range in Peter pan collectibles —many toys created for children sell for under $20, making them ideal gift items for Christmas or birthday. Larger activity sets and collections of figurines are $20 and up. Costumes in children’s sizes are usually $20 to $50, and adult-size costumes, of course, cost more, but many are very realistic and well designed. Imaginative art work sells for $40 and up; games vary widely in price, depending on their complexity.

The endless variety of Peter Pan products means there’s something out there for every fan —a cherished little piece of Neverland, for the child in everyone.

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