New & Retired Polonaise Ornaments

Polonaise ornaments are the jewels of many collectors - so many people love collecting beautiful hand crafted Christmas ornaments, treasures to be brought out and enjoyed each Christmas season. If you haven’t heard the name, you’ve probably seen some of these unique blown glass ornaments, made by Polish artisans and imported to North America by Kurt S. Adler Inc., and wished they were yours.

The glass ornaments in the Polonaise collection are increasingly attractive to collectors who enjoy a challenge because of the growing numbers of both retired ornaments and limited edition pieces. The variety has expanded as well, since Adler began the line.

Though they started as angels, Polonaise isn’t just for Christmas any more. Today the collection includes ornaments for many other special days from various traditions and interests. There are Chanukah ornaments, baseball ornaments, wind-up musical eggs, even Harry Potter ornaments.

The “Exquisite Egg,” ornaments are stunningly beautiful and detailed. For example, the Polonaise baby ornament, made from real birds’ eggs, features a delicate silver baby carriage with a baby girl nestled in a decorative pink egg. The egg has two top panels that lift up to reveal the treasure hidden inside, and the piece is a wind-up music box, playing “Rock-a-bye Baby.”

It’s hard to imagine a baby ornament that would have more lasting aesthetic and resale value. Two other baby pieces are retired Polonaise ornaments: “Polonaise Baby’s First Boy” and “Polonaise Baby’s First Girl” are spheres that flip open from the center to show off the babies inside.

Kurt S. Adler began importing quality European Christmas decorations in 1946, and gradually expanded the import business over the following decades. He discovered the skills of Polish artisans who made beautiful glass ornaments by traditional methods, and in the 1990s he brought the ornaments to North America.

After more than ten years, the Polonaise's collection has grown to include hundreds of collectible ornaments, including the growing numbers of limited edition and retired ornaments. Popular theme pieces, like the Polonaise baby ornament round out the collection with something for everyone.

Polonaise ornaments are available from specialty shops, large retailers, and internet vendors worldwide. Showrooms and tradeshows feature these collectibles and their fame continues to grow. For the serious collector, there are growing opportunities to acquire unusual pieces on the secondary market – a good place to acquire one of the cherished retired Polonaise ornaments.

Polonaise's are real pieces of art, designed by artisans, carefully crafted, delicate, and desirable. The smaller pieces retail for $30US and up, while larger more intricate ornaments are priced at over $100. The musical egg Polonaise baby ornament is worth every cent of the $110US price tag.

There’s no telling, of course, what some of the retired Polonaise's and limited edition pieces will sell for on the secondary market once they become hard to find. One thing seems certain – these ornaments will never lose their value, and will probably increase in value over time. They’re collectibles for the serious and tasteful collector.

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