Pot Bellys Collection

The Pot Bellys collection is unique in the world of miniature figurines. Tiny detailed characters molded with crushed marble and then painted, they are actually little boxes with secret compartments.

They are charming animals, people, and other characters such as snowmen, ghosts, and Christmas trees. Some are cookie jars – a little bigger than the rest of the collection to make room for the cookies.

Collectors can choose from farmyard animals, baby animals, historical people; there are even Pot Bellys historical cats. “King Hairy VIII” is a furry marmalade cat, while “Napawleon” is a stern looking tabby. Another cat collection, the Calendar Cat Pot Bellys, are amusing and original as well, with creative names like “Julia,” (July) a cat covered with flower petals, and “Octavia,” (October) who looks a lot like a Halloween pumpkin. These and other unique characters are typical of the originality of the collection.

Pot Bellys by Harmony Kingdom is a collection in a growing series by Harmony Ball Co. These collectibles had their start in the late eighties when two young college graduates combined a love of travel with the sale and creation of collectibles. The first series for the company was Harmony Ball chiming spheres, meditative spheres first used by the Celts.

They were a popular series of collectibles that soon evolved into Treasure Jests – Harmony Balls packaged inside little chests. Chests of this type now make up the Harmony Kingdom collection. The Pot Bellys collection, including Dog Days, Dinosaurs, Seasonals, Pot Belly historical cats, and other themes, came later.

Like many immensely popular collectibles, Pot Bellys by Harmony Ball Co., and other collections by the company, have a collectors club – The Royal Watch. The club was founded in 1996 and offers members special benefits. You don’t have to join the club, however, to enjoy the collection.

Harmony Ball Company and many retailers of the figurines offer and sell pieces over the internet: many of the figurines can be seen and enjoyed on internet websites. Whether you like People Pot Bellys, Zoological pieces, or Pot Belly Historical Cats, you can window shop and purchase online. Your choice will be shipped to your door.

The Pot Bellys collection characters are created in Gloucestershire, England, in the Martin Perry Studios. Here the originals are carved and the carvings are then used to create molds so that crushed marble can be shaped into the individual figurines.

In spite of the creativity and work that goes into producing these figurines, they are surprisingly inexpensive. Most, like the collection's Historical cats and other historical figures, retail for around $15US, while Baby Animals are a little less at around $12.50. The cookie jars, the largest of the Pot Bellys by Harmony Kingdom sell for about $40 – after that, all you need is cookies.

Harmony Ball continues to offer the Pot Bellys collection and other giftware and collectibles. If you haven’t seen them yet, it’s worth a little web surfing to acquaint yourself with these finely crafted characters. You’ll soon be pondering which ones would look best with your home décor.

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