Russ Berrie Plush Collection

The Russ Berrie Plush Collection is like no other...

When Russ Berrie launched his own small business out of his garage in 1963, and went on to sell the first plush bears and other animals, he probably had no idea how big his dream would get. Almost forty-five years later, the company has international operations and is a champion in a global marketplace. Gradually expanded from just a few items that the young salesman thought would sell, Russ Berrie is now the acknowledged leader in the non-licensed gift business.

Russ Berrie collectables are gifts for every season and every occasion. They’re the cute, humorous or sentimental things that catch your eye as you’re leaving your favorite department store or gift boutique. They’re the perfect little fun gift for that special someone, mementos of a special experience, or seasonal objects of home décor that provide this year’s special accent. Who can resist a Russ Berrie plush Shining Star or a Toby Award winning Old World Teddy? All of the product lines are attractive to today’s collector and priced to be affordable for anyone.

It’s difficult to grasp the variety of Russ Berrie collectables. They range from picture frames and piggy banks to angel figurines, cell phone cases, plush decorative flowers, intricate “swing cards” and huggable soft animals of every size and description. So much more than just adorable teddy bears, the Russ Berrie plush animals appeal to many collectors: Shining Stars are whimsical animals that beg to be cuddled; Softies are shy puppies, chatty animals, or big-eyed bugs; Bears from the Past are teddies of distinction.

To this day, Russ Berrie plush animals and other products are designed and chosen to capture the sentiments we all feel as we go through the seasons of our lives. They express the love and appreciation that we feel for our families, capture the humor of a special time, preserve a precious memory that might otherwise fade.

These are Russ Berrie collectables, the lasting legacy of Berrie’s special gift—to offer the things that people want for those occasions, and to put together a group of products that would appeal to people in the long term.

Like many product lines that have been around for decades, Russ Berrie collectables are easy to find on the internet. Many internet retailers carry the current products, while many of the older discontinued lines are still trading briskly on the secondary market. Sites like eBay are full of pre-loved Russ Berrie plush animals for under $10 each, along with more expensive pieces, candles, Christmas decorations, bud vases, and figurines. New products are affordable too and widely available—there are hundreds of home accents for under $20.

Once, Russ Berrie collectables were carefully placed to catch the eye of just about everyone that entered a store, no matter what they were going there for. The strategy worked because the products were genuinely attractive and fulfilled a desire that shoppers had for inexpensive novelty items.

Today, with the vast shopping experience that is the internet, the strategy has changed, but the company is still reaching collectors and savvy shoppers who know what they want to buy. Wherever you see stuffed animals, you’ll see Russ Berrie; wherever you see seasonal gift items, you’ll see the RUSS – Make Someone Happy logo; wherever you see seasonal displays, you’ll see bears, and stars, and butterflies.

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