Sandicast Dog Figurines

Sandra Brue's most popular creations are the Sandicast dog figurines. She successfully captures the personality of every animal she sculpts as she seeks a realistic portrayal. Her sculptures can take months to finish and a great deal of time is spent observing and bonding with her subjects.

Sandicast dog figurines reflect the artist’s perfectionism. For example, she sculpted 65,358 individual hairs on her Jack Russell Terrier Original. Whether you have heard of ‘Ornaments by Sandicast’ or not, Sandra Brue is well known among her peers and in 1994 was commissioned to create The Lion King collection by Disney. Her work is respected by discerning collectors across the globe.

These unique dog figurines can be found in the Queen of England’s various residences as well as in the homes of the rich, famous and powerful in the United States. Sandicast's cat figures have also graced the homes of Presidents.

Sandra Brue uses oil-based clay to create her original models of dog figurines and cat figures. Oil-based clay is soft and does not harden, which allows her to take the time needed for fine detail and painstaking accuracy. Some artists will use shortcuts such as a rake and comb to create hairs on the animals, but not Sandra. She etches each individual hair and the process can take days to complete.

Ornaments by Sandicast are hand cast in a mixture of marble dust and resin from the original clay model. They are carefully hand painted and given sparkling glass eyes. While they grace many homes, they are made for outdoor use and no doubt many dog figurines and cat figures by Sandicast nestle comfortably between plants in suburban gardens.

Sandicast ornaments have become more than decorations, they are sort after collectors items. They are also beautiful gifts for people who love animals, particularly dogs or cats. With high profile and knowledgeable individuals like the Queen of England owning Sandra’s work, it should be no surprise that her sculptures should be sort after and valued.

Yet Sandra Brue is a serious artist who is not interested in short cuts to profit at the expense of her art. Her work speaks for itself. Dog figurines and cat figures by Sandicast are exceptional and detailed works of art and deserve their popularity.

Some online stores that specialize in ornaments by Sandicast, also offer member’s resources for collectors that subscribe with them. This can provide the opportunity for people to get to know other collectors and discuss shared interests. Sandra Brue’s craftsmanship has broad appeal. Considering the high quality craftsmanship, Sandicast dog figurines and Sandicast cat figures are surprisingly affordable and are not simply the purview of the rich and famous.

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